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Why should an attorney consider hiring a cohabitation private investigator?

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Divorce has become more socially acceptable today than it was in the past. In the past, many couples would remain in unhappy marriages despite wanting to leave because of the negative perception of ending a marriage. However, with the changing times, more and more couples are deciding to dissolve their marriages. When divorcing, couples face the challenge of ironing out contested issues such as child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division. Spousal support, otherwise known as alimony, is a type of court-ordered periodic predetermined payment whereby the higher-earning spouse must provide the lower-earning spouse with financial support to maintain the lifestyle they were accustomed to during the union. Paying Spousal support can be a financial burden for many individuals, which causes them to wonder if changes in their circumstances could lead to a reduction or elimination of their alimony costs. If there is a significant change in circumstances, such as your former spouse living with a new partner, you may be able to reduce or eliminate alimony costs. Please continue reading and contact a talented Connecticut Cohabitation Investigator to learn how attorneys can help clients confirm their cohabitation suspicions to minimize alimony costs.

Is cohabitation grounds for reducing or eliminating alimony costs?

If your circumstances have significantly changed since your alimony agreement was first issued, you can request that the judge re-evaluates your situation. This re-evaluation can sometimes lead to changes in your existing alimony agreement, potentially eliminating the costs you are currently obligated to pay. One of the most significant changes that judges often consider as grounds for modifying an existing alimony agreement is cohabitation. If your former spouse has been living with a new partner, this is considered cohabitation. However, even though your spouse may be cohabitating with a new partner, you will be burdened with having to prove your former spouse has begun living with them. This mitigating factor could minimize or diminish the alimony they are receiving.

How can an attorney benefit from hiring a cohabitation investigator?

Nevertheless, collecting evidence of cohabitation can be difficult. Attorneys can often benefit from hiring a private investigator to gather relevant evidence that can be used in court to prove cohabitation. This can help clients who pay alimony avoid being unfairly obligated to make payments when their former spouse no longer requires the financial support they previously needed due to living with a new partner. Private investigators have access to resources that an attorney does not, such as the ability to conduct undercover investigations, use surveillance tactics, track the whereabouts of an individual, monitor social media accounts, and investigate financial habits. Private investigators can use several tactics to obtain evidence of cohabitation, proving cohabitation and interdependency that can be used in court to request modifications to an existing alimony agreement.

If you are an attorney, contact Advanced Investigations to discover how our cohabitation private investigators can assist you in obtaining evidence that can be considered mitigating factors to reduce or eliminate alimony expenses for your clients.

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