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Debugging, also referred to as Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), is needed by businesses across the state of Connecticut every day. Unfortunately, businesses sometimes find that their safety and privacy has been compromised due to a security breach. If you feel as though your business has been bugged with spy or hacking devices, it is essential that you act quickly. Advanced Investigations is Connecticut’s most trusted private detective firm. You can feel confident knowing that our corporate and commercial debugging services will find any bugs and help you regain your privacy. Contact Advanced Investigations to learn how we can help.

What is Debugging?

Laptops, phones, desks, cars, apartments, and offices can be hacked or set-up with cameras or audio bugs. Debugging is a service that detects and identifies illegal audio or visual bugs that may have been strategically placed by others. Unfortunately, illegal bugging has somewhat exploded over the decades as technology has vastly improved. Today, anyone can buy thousands of different bugs and illegal technology with the intention of using it to spy on others. With the expansion of technology, bugs have improved as they are now made smaller and more advanced, which makes them even more difficult to be detected. Technology has also allowed bugs to be easily purchased online, on the dark web, and in stores.

Spy devices, hacking devices, and other bugs can be nearly impossible to detect if one is not searching for it, and even then, they can be hidden in very strategic places. Bugs can be tiny spots, hidden in walls and ceilings, or placed inside electronic devices or other objects. Bugs can even be placed on the outside of a person’s car or on the other side of a wall and still be able to give a person access to audio and visual information.

Spy software has become increasingly popular and easy to use. Today, even the most secure devices like iPhones can be bugged through downloaded applications. Other devices such as alarm clocks and even GPS systems can be electronically bugged, causing a breach of your security anywhere you go. A common type of electronic bugging is done through the webcam of laptops and desktops. To temporarily solve the problem, a cover should be placed over the webcam, and then a professional debugging provider should be contacted.

When does bugging occur?

Common scenarios in which bugging occurs include ex-employees bugging their former workplaces, ex-spouses or ex-partners bugging houses or apartments, or business competitors. Even more dramatic scenarios could involve stalkers bugging their victims or criminals bugging apartments, homes, and offices with the intention of perpetrating crimes. All of these scenarios are frightening and can instill fear, lack of trust, paranoia, and breaches of security and privacy. The only way to confront this threat is to trust professionals who know how to detect and eliminate it.

Next time you are in the car, in your office, or at home, take a minute to think about any of these warning signs that you may have been bugged. You may see things unturned or opened that you did not leave that way or see a foreign object that you cannot identify. There may be places that look dusted off or rubbed clean. Panels in the ceiling may be moved or there may be insulation dust that has fallen from the ceiling. Your home or workplace may have been broken into recently and you cannot think of anything that was missing or even moved. Maybe you hear strange sounds like clicking, static, humming, or suddenly have bad reception. You may notice that lately private conversations or confidential information has been leaked to competitors or people that you do not trust.

Perhaps the biggest warning sign that you are being watched is if you actually see people following you or others or you see unfamiliar cars outside your home or office. However, all of these warning signs could mean that your safety and privacy is being compromised and that someone could be spying on you or your workplace.

Impacts of Bugging on a Business

Bugging can have disastrous effects on businesses because sensitive information can get into the wrong hands. Many businesses have clients and customers that give confidential or personal information. When offices or workplaces have been compromised, so have the paying customers and clients who trust those businesses with their information about their relationships, families, finances, legal issues, and more. When information gets leaked or strange things occur around the office, this can put everyone on edge and feel unsafe. If confidential information is leaked or used, it can also damage a business’s reputation and result in significant financial loss.

What should I do if I believe I’ve been bugged?

If you suspect that you are being watched, filmed, or listened to or any of the above warning signs are occurring, the first step is to stop using your laptop, phone, or other electronic devices. Second, you should immediately stop sharing personal or work-related information while inside your home, office, or car. Next, contact Advanced Investigations from a secure location and device in order to discuss our corporate & commercial debugging services and find out how we can help you with a resolution. Illegal bugs can be very difficult to detect, however, Advanced Investigations will leave no stone unturned and will search until the truth is revealed if that is what it takes.

Contact Advanced Investigations

If you believe that the privacy of your business has been compromised with bugging, it is important that you reach out to Advanced Investigations to discuss our corporate & commercial debugging service as soon as possible. With the security of yourself or your clients at stake, it is important that you act quickly. We can help detect any illegal bugs and remove them to help restore your privacy. Contact Advanced Investigations today to learn how we can help.

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