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Computer Forensic Services for Attorneys | Here’s How Our CT Private Investigators Can Help You

Here at Advanced Investigations, our experienced Connecticut private investigators offer a wide range of services to businesses, attorneys, and individuals. That being said, one of the services that we offer attorneys in Connecticut is computer forensics. Conducting computer forensics can play a critical role in getting to the bottom of…
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Why Attorneys Need a Private Investigator to Conduct Process Serving

If you are an attorney in Connecticut, you most likely are familiar with the fact in many legal cases, individuals will have to get served legal documents, whether it be in a divorce case or otherwise. As you know, serving papers is not always easy, and very often, the person…
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What is Social Media Due Diligence in Terms of Businesses?

If you are a business owner in the state of Connecticut, there is a very good chance that in this day and age, you use social media and other online advertising techniques to market your business and attract new customers. In many ways, social media is a fantastic way to…
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What is a Background Search & How Can it Help an Attorney?

If you are an attorney who handles criminal and civil cases, then you know how critical a thorough background search into an individual's family history, criminal history, employment history, and more. In many cases, a complete report of an individual's life is, in many cases, far more detailed and useful…
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Here’s How a Cohabitation Investigation Can Benefit Your Client

One of the most common divorce-related issues is alimony. Oftentimes, when spouses divorce, one spouse is financially dependent, and the other spouse is financially independent. When this happens, Connecticut courts will award the financially dependent spouse alimony payments, of which the financially independent spouse will have to pay. These payments…
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Here’s Why a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Benefit from Accident Reconstruction

When an accident occurs, the parties involved frequently do not remember exactly how it happened and who is at fault. In this case, especially if there were no cameras around that captured that accident, it can be extremely difficult for a personal injury attorney to assess the accident and accurately…
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