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Connecticut Asset Searches for Lawyers

Asset Searches

Asset Searches for Law Firms in Connecticut

Private investigators can conduct asset searches to reveal valuable information and potential issues that may be attached to a property. Asset searches can help attorneys with doing their due diligence for clients, settle civil cases, collect debts, and assist in financial clarity for family attorneys and those going through divorces or child custody and support cases. For personal injury and motor vehicle cases, assets are a huge component in settlement agreements during litigation.

Depending on the client and his or her individual circumstance and the facts in the case, private investigators can investigate an individual’s assets using background checks, surveillance, computer forensics, and other financial investigations to collect assets. Advanced Investigations can use our professional experience to discover fake names, evidence of fraud, hidden assets, or multiple judgments on the same lawsuit. To learn more about what Advanced Investigations can do for you, contact our office today.

When are asset searches done?

Asset searches are commonly done in pre-litigation investigation, to have leverage when negotiating settlements. Attorneys will have an idea of what amount of assets and income exists and could be seized after settling a case. Asset searches are also requested from probate attorneys who are working with administrators of estates to find unknown bank accounts or assets such as bank statements, stocks and bonds, insurance policies, property titles, deeds, bills, debts, credit cards, personal loans, medical bills, mortgages, and more. All this information can be searched for and obtained if in existence by private investigator asset searches.

What information is sought in an asset search?

Asset searches for individuals and corporations differ in the type of information that is sought after. When individuals need an asset search for legal matters, real estate, transactions, deeds, mortgages, motor vehicle registrations, liens, bankruptcies, criminal records, tax liens, and judgments can be analyzed. When lawyers need to look into businesses and corporations, asset searches involve looking into real estate properties and deeds, corporate filings, bankruptcies, issues with taxes, evidence of embezzlement, fraud, or other white-collar crimes, employee benefit information, corporate associations, sister corporations, judgments, liens, vehicle and boat registrations, and employee finances. Other more general searches that could be revealing include liabilities, missing persons searches, criminal records, and civil records or involvement in lawsuits.

Who may need to conduct an asset search?

There are many different entities that may conduct their own asset searches to use against clients. These entities include law firms and attorneys, corporations, investors, insurance agencies, governmental agencies, creditors, spouses, and other individuals and agencies. Attorneys may hear from others during the course of a case or litigation, and should always conduct their own asset searches, rather than relying on others’. It is important to find trusted, professional sources when dealing with asset searches. There are a lot of scams that will give unreliable information, or take money to conduct searches, and use the search information for personal gain.

If you are an attorney who is dealing with divorce and child support and custody cases, a probate law attorney, a corporation, or an individual who is looking to obtain information on someone’s assets, you have come to the right place. Advanced Investigations can provide professional private investigators who will listen to you and your client’s case and make a specifically tailored plan to obtain needed information. Asset searches can prevent scams, unjust enrichment, wrongful child support and alimony, and other legal problems and injustices.

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Asset searches can be beneficial for law firms and their clients across the state of Connecticut. No matter your situation, Advanced Investigations is here to help. We are Connecticut’s most trusted private investigator firm and have the skill it takes to find out any information about someone’s assets. To discuss your situation with a team of investigators you can trust, contact Advanced Investigations today.

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