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Celebrities like Bill Gates and Kim Kardashian are no stranger to serious security threats. For many, it is easy to think of these celebrities as the types of people who need security because they are rich and famous. We typically do not think of “normal” people needing personal security. However, when an individual or a family feels unsafe, it is important that they take measures to feel at ease. Hiring private security is not exclusively for the rich and famous. If you believe that yourself or your family could benefit from security services, you can count on Advanced Investigations. Contact our office today to learn how our personal security services can help.

Why Do I Need Private Security?

In this climate, no one has to be a celebrity to be a victim of a robbery, assault, theft, or hate crimes. Crimes happen every day and can be perpetrated against targeted individuals or everyday people at home, at work, or really anywhere. There are some factors that can make an individual or family more vulnerable to crime. These factors could include:

  • Public exposure: Involvement in civil organizations, controversial groups, or political groups could lead to more public exposure. Are you outspoken about your views on Planned Parenthood or gay rights groups? Unfortunately, being active in controversial organizations or activism could lead to increased exposure to crime.
  • Financial ranking: Public perception is everything. If you are an entrepreneur or a recent business owner, people instantly assume you have scored big. Perception of wealth can make individuals more of a target for burglary and robbery.
  • Does your home or business have adequate alarm systems and surveillance? Have you been the victim of break-ins? Does your office have plans for emergency situations? If any of these situations apply, you and your personal security could be at risk for robbery, break-ins, vandalism, hacking, and other breaches of security.

Another situation that individuals and business owners should consider is the people they have surrounded themselves with. Ex-employees, rivals, or people who believe they are owed money could be threats to one’s personal security. All it takes is one angry ex-employee who wants to seek revenge. Personal security can also provide families security when they leave town or after being the victims of break-ins or other crimes. Professional security may be necessary for those who have been victims of harassment or have received threats from ex-partners.

How Can I Protect Myself?

If you are receiving threats online or in person, have a sense that you are being followed, or know of people that may want to hurt you, security may be necessary to prevent harm to yourself, your business, and your family. Besides looking into hiring personal security, there are other methods for minimizing the risk of danger to yourself, your family, or your business:

  • Change up your routine and be less predictable. Daily routines and patterns can be easily figured out. Changing your routine like taking a different route, choosing different locations for meetings, going to a different bank location, or leaving places at different times can make you less predictable and less of a target.
  • Be more aware of your surroundings. We all get caught with work, deadlines, and obligations, but this often distracts us from the little things going on around us. Take the extra second to look around you when walking outside alone and watch your back when talking about personal and financial matters.
  • Increase your security. If you are a business or homeowner, look into security cameras and alarm systems. Businesses should have emergency plans in place. You may want to change up your passwords and minimize the amount of information you give out.
  • Trust your own instincts. If you get a gut feeling that something is wrong or you feel uncomfortable, don’t ignore it.

Contact a Connecticut Private Security Firm

Advanced Investigations provides executive protection and personal security services throughout Connecticut. Our staff are highly trained and can provide security to business executives and individuals concerned about their safety. Personal security services include armed escorts and chauffeurs, executive protection details, event consulting, agency liaison, and other personal security services. If you believe that yourself, your family, or your business is at risk, do not wait until you are in a dangerous situation. Contact Advanced Investigations today to learn more about your options and what services would fit best for your needs.

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