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Advanced Investigations is proud to offer debugging and technical surveillance countermeasure services (TSCM) to protect families who are concerned that their privacy has been compromised. If you believe you are a victim of bugging, ask yourself these questions: Do you ever get a sense that someone is watching you or listening to your conversations? Is private information or personal conversations somehow getting spread around? Do you work from home and feel like your computer or home office is being spied on? If you said yes to any of these questions, or you just get a weird feeling when you are at home, you could be being spied on by someone. People can be spied on in many different ways, including tiny cameras, electronic tampering of phones and computers, hacked webcams, listening devices, tracking devices, and other bugs.

The thought of being spied on is creepy enough, but for those who may be victims of spying in the home, this is a complete invasion of one’s most vulnerable and private moments in life. Homes are where families gather, discuss personal matters, have disagreements, sleep, shower, change, engage in intimacy, and relax. Parents and children should feel comfortable and relaxed in their own homes and free to engage in whatever they want without the thought of their privacy being stolen. If you believe that your home has been bugged, you should have Advanced Investigations on your side. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

Warning Signs of Being Watched

Because hackers and spies are often discrete and use methods that are hard to spot, it can be hard for anyone to know if they are being watched. Often, people convince themselves that they are just being paranoid. Here are some warning signs that you may have been bugged:

  • You hear strange noises coming from your electronic devices;
  • You notice static or other noises on your phone lines;
  • You frequently get phone calls, but when you pick up there is no one on the other line;
  • People seem to know about the personal things you have said or done when they shouldn’t;
  • Your home was recently broken into, but nothing was taken;
  • You notice unfamiliar spots, holes, or cuts on the walls or ceilings;
  • Ceiling fans, alarm systems, smoke detectors, or other wall attachments appear to have been messed with or are crooked;
  • The same, unfamiliar car or person frequently goes by your house and maybe stops or slows down;
  • You notice that your door or the locks on it are “sticky” or have trouble shutting them;
  • Furniture appears to be out of place.

If any of the above-mentioned circumstances applies to you and your home, it is best not to leave it be or brush it off. Sometimes, things end up out of place, people spread rumors, or break-ins are just break-ins and nothing more. However, one cannot be too careful when it comes to protecting loved ones. Professional investigators understand bugging technology and how to locate and eliminate the source of the bug.

Protecting Yourself From Being Bugged

If you are worried that your home, car, or devices have been bugged, the first thing to do is to call and speak with a private investigator. Some tips to keep in mind for minimizing the risk of being bugged or hacked include:

  • Set secure passwords on all electronic devices;
  • Immediately report home or car break-ins to the police;
  • Consider having security camera systems installed inside and outside the home;
  • Have family meetings about safety, locking doors, talking about suspicious activity, etc.;
  • Whenever possible, turn off WIFI and Bluetooth features on electronic devices;
  • Do research on people you let into your home like nannies, babysitters, housekeepers, tutors, repairmen, etc.

Debugging could include checking phone and internet lines, examining the premise for surveillance equipment, examining vehicles for GPS tracking devices or other listening devices, examining laptops, monitors, cell phones, or other devices for hacking, forensic examinations of computers, and interviewing relatives, family members, or acquaintances to gather relevant information. Private investigations into bugs will then locate the person or the source of the bugging by collecting information and tracking where data was transmitted. When investigations locate and bug and find a source, information from debugging services can be turned over for evidence in court. Even if investigations find that there was no bug or breach of privacy, it will give you and your family the peace of mind, knowing that you are not being watched or listened to.

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Advanced Investigations is well-equipped for debugging and using Reverse Surveillance tactics to investigate your homes and determine if you are being followed, watched, or listened to. Contact Advanced Investigations today to speak with someone who can help you with any concerns you may have.

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