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Personal injury accidents caused by car accidents, work accidents, boating accidents, and other injuries can cause massive devastation for individuals and their families. Accidents can cause injuries, property damage, medical bills, hospital visits, therapy, and years of pain for attorneys’ clients. Most personal injury attorneys know that it can be difficult to find out exactly what the facts surrounding an accident are, and usually the only people actually there at the accident have a biased viewpoint. Personal injury investigation requires an unbiased third party who can find out exactly how an accident happened and who was the cause of it. Advanced Investigations is the most trusted team of investigators in Connecticut and proudly offers personal injury investigations to lawyers across the state. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

Personal Injury Investigations

Personal injury investigations may be necessary for filling in missing or contradicting details surrounding the accident, locating witnesses, obtaining information from witnesses, or finding out the extent of injuries and property damage. Investigations can involve many different tactics including tracking, background checks, interviews, research, and reviewing documents. Depending on the exact situation, one or all of these tactics may be used to secure the truth.

Methods of Investigation

Tracking and surveillance usually involves a private investigator tracking down a Plaintiff or Defendant in a lawsuit and determine what their daily routine and activities are. Sometimes plaintiffs who claim that they have been injured are lying or exaggerating about the extent of the injuries. Investigators can determine if this person is lying about the consequences of an accident. If a Plaintiff in a lawsuit claims that she is injured after a car accident and has trouble doing anything at work, a private investigator can survey her at work to see if she has been dishonest. If evidence like this is uncovered, it could be the difference between winning and losing the case.

Background checks help investigators build a profile of information for a person of interest in a lawsuit. When Plaintiffs file a lawsuit and Defendants get blamed for accidents, both parties could have negative intentions that are hidden from plain sight. Background checks find out who people are and what red flags people have in their lives. Examples of red flags that are looked out for are criminal charges, bankruptcy, recent divorce, prior lawsuits, and a history of filing other claims or involvement in other lawsuits.

Why hire a PI investigator?

Personal injury investigators can do extensive research on the facts of the accident, who was there, details about the exact location, witness locating, and witness interviewing. Personal injury investigators are here to assist attorneys in all the evidence collection and organization because this process can be difficult for attorneys to do on their own, without investigation experience. It is difficult to find things that you do not even know you are looking for, but professional personal investigators are experienced in finding red flags, clues, and answers that could be extremely useful and necessary for any personal injury case. Having investigators handle working with finding evidence leaves more time for attorneys to focus on preparing for the various stages of litigation.

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Whether you have been injured in an accident and are now pursuing legal action, or are dealing with a Worker’s Compensation Claim or a healthcare fraud situation, we can be of assistance to you. We will obtain valuable information about the parties involved, use our surveillance services to get proper documentation of whether or not the individual is complying with doctor’s orders and determine whether or not they are in violation of the law and/or any company policies. No matter your situation, we are here to help. Contact Advanced Investigations today to learn what our private investigators can do for you.

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