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Before many legal matters can truly get started, one party will have to serve the other with legal papers. This is a task that is much easier said than done. With the help of a private investigator from Advanced Investigations, however, you or your client can feel confident knowing the process will run smoothly so legal action can get started. To learn more about how Advanced Investigations’ professional process servers can help serve your legal documents, contact our office today.

Issues with Serving Legal Papers

People do not like getting served with legal papers because the second that paper reaches their hands, it means time, money, resources, and headaches to follow. Whether the summons and complaint, divorce papers, or other legal papers for lawsuits or divorces, it can leave the served person angry, confused, and emotional. That is why serving papers is best handled by private investigators who can locate the person, serve the papers in a professional and efficient way, and handle any aftermath that follows safely. There are many issues with process serving, including:

  • Difficulty locating individuals to serve
  • Individuals hiding or fleeing in anticipation with getting served
  • High tension and emotions due to a looming legal battle or divorce
  • Angry and confused individuals that get served with legal documents
  • Legal standards with process serving
  • The importance of confidentiality of legal documents
  • The potential for legal documents to get in the wrong hands or be served to the wrong person

Why choose a PI to serve papers?

Many times when individuals know they are being served or are expecting it to occur, they will hide, stay under the radar, or be stealthy at avoiding anyone who they might believe will serve him or her papers. Private investigators have the resources and experience with tracking individuals down and handle unpleasant or even dangerous situations.

Private investigators deal with anger and emotions every day that they serve legal papers on someone. However, they are trained to maintain composure in difficult situations, know how to adapt to surprising situations, and know-how to blend in with surroundings and not stick out as a known face or a suited police officer would. Even those getting served papers on their front step are more trusting of a calm, normally dressed stranger, than those that they are about to be in a legal battle with or armed, intimidating police officers.

Though some will turn to police officers to serve papers for a divorce or lawsuit, this method could exaggerate the already pending legal issue between the parties. These days, not many will feel comfortable or at ease getting served papers, and certainly not by a police officer standing at their front door and attracting the neighborhood’s attention. Plaintiffs in lawsuits or spouses filing for divorce are also hesitant to take on the service process on their own because of the emotions that come with getting served legal papers. Serving papers, legal battles, and divorces can cause tense situations that could cause more problems or even turn into dangerous situations.

Another issue with serving legal papers is the serious and the confidentiality of the content. If legal papers are lost, taken, or given to the wrong people, it can cause legal issues and breach the confidentiality of the legal matter within the documents. Trusting the right people for serving papers and doing so discreetly and professionally is extremely important. Private investigators are stealthy, confidential, and know how to keep their eyes on the goal to accomplish it.

How can our professional process servers help your firm?

Serving papers can be extremely complicated when dealing with legal papers and people that are trying not to be found. However, private investigators can provide a wide range of services that will accomplish even the most difficult cases of process serving, including:

  • Using surveillance and tracking techniques to find individuals
  • Methods of skip tracing to locate people that have left the country, left town, or changed addresses
  • Confidentiality assurance
  • Knowing the legal methods and ensuring that papers are served legally and will not cause issues with the case or lawsuit
  • Proof of service that will satisfy the courts
  • Updates on tracking and service

With even the most difficult cases and the hardest to find individuals, private investigators are equipped with resources to locate individuals. Methods could include stakeouts, disguises, and other undercover operations. Locating individuals who have fled the town or country can be especially hard to find, and private investigators have the technology to find people over state lines and across the world.

Contact Advanced Investigations’ professional team of process servers

Our experienced professional process servers at Advanced Investigations can help attorneys, law firms, businesses, and individuals track down individuals and serve legal documents. Contact Advanced Investigations today to learn more about hiring an investigator for your process serving needs.

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