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Any experienced or inexperienced attorney knows one thing that stays consistent across all criminal cases–they require finding, collecting, and sifting through tons of evidence of the crime. Evidence could include police reports, witness’ statements, autopsy photos, crime scene photos, interrogation footage, dash camera footage, transcripts, medical records, receipts, and the list goes on. Criminal investigators are experienced in using a critical eye to find clues and evidence from a criminal case. This could entail looking into the backgrounds of people allegedly involved in a crime, interviewing witnesses, gathering unbiased facts surrounding a crime, securing witnesses, scouring police reports, and locating surveillance and records to collect evidence. If your law firm has been tasked with a criminal case, it is important that you seek additional investigative services to help defend your client or hold the correct party accountable. Contact the skilled team of criminal private investigators at Advanced Investigations today to learn how we can help.

Why consider a private investigation?

Though police agencies conduct investigations, private criminal investigators can often offer more thorough research that is unbiased. Private investigators can provide more time and resources, focus energy on a specific case, individualized searches, unbiased investigation, dedication to the client’s needs, and are not restricted by jurisdiction. Any crime from assault, theft, vandalism, robbery, white-collar crime, sexual assault, kidnapping, or murder can be investigated thoroughly until all relevant and necessary evidence is collected.

We often think of private investigation as what we see in the media. Not all investigations can be completed by sending someone out in a tinted car with a pair of binoculars. Private investigators have the top resources at their disposal, including surveillance equipment, discrete vehicles, record checks, a network of investigators, and more. Most importantly, private investigators know how to get the job done efficiently and independently and in a way that ensures evidence and information gathered will be useful in the court process. This can be incredibly important for large firms, small firms, or independent attorneys.

Avoiding Wrongful Accusations

In these times, there are so many stories, articles, documentaries, and books about the wrongfully accused. In 1999, two men were wrongfully accused and convicted of a robbery and murder at a New Haven, Connecticut deli. Why did this happen? Where did the justice system go so wrong? Why did these two men spend almost two decades in prison for a crime they did not commit? Because the system failed them and a lack of investigation allowed a forensic examiner to ignore evidence that could have cleared these two men for the alleged robbery and murder and show that neither or they were even at the place of the crime. However, there was a lack of investigation into the crime, along with many other injustices.

It could be safe to say that if a diligent investigation had been done this possibly could have been avoided. Instead, these men would have been with their families for the past two decades, and the right person would have been in prison. This story is why we need thorough criminal investigations into heinous crimes. It is critical that we minimize the risk of wrongful incarceration and other issues that happen in the justice system. This is why we need diligent private investigators who do not stop until evidence is found and the truth is brought to light.

So next time we think of private investigation as some guy in a tinted car with binoculars, we have to stop and remember that it is so much more than that. Any crime can affect the accused, the victims, victim’s families, attorneys, the community, and the entire state. For safety to be ensured and justice to be served to the right person, we must be diligent in our criminal investigations. At the very least, unbiased and thorough criminal investigations will bring the full truth and nothing but the truth to the table and even the smallest clues will not go unnoticed or swept under the rug.

Who else can benefit from private criminal investigators?

Not only does private criminal investigation help attorneys, but it can also help individuals who are in search of the truth on a cold case, the surviving victims of crimes, missing persons cases, or those who feel they are wrongfully accused. Sometimes these cases seem hopeless or as if there is nothing more that can possibly be done. This may not always be the case. Hiring a private investigator can give a case a fresh set of eyes and someone who can look at everything in a different way. Any fresh look at a case increases the chance that something new will be discovered or uncovered. The problem with a cold case or a case that has already been investigated may be that only one professional has looked at it and it needs a different person who has different knowledge, resources, and life experience.

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If you feel that you could benefit from private investigation, consider hiring an experienced, private investigator. Our experienced investigators work closely with attorneys, Special Public Defenders, law firms, or individuals by interviewing, reviewing reports, and gathering information and evidence. We pride ourselves on professionalism and understand the need for confidentiality in the legal community. We can work with cases and be involved in the process with weekly update reports until the case is closed. Contact Advanced Investigations today to learn how we can help.

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