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Law firms and attorneys can easily feel overwhelmed by the heavy workload of trial preparation. Knowing that jury selection is an extremely important part of due diligence for a client, there is the added pressure of getting it right, that is, picking the right jurors. However, private investigators can ease this process, assist attorneys with selection, and do research into making the right selections. Advanced Investigations is Connecticut’s most trusted source for law firms seeking jury consulting. If your law firm needs a jury consultant service you can feel confident in, contact Advanced Investigations today.

Understanding the Importance of a Jury

Most of us cannot help but let out a sigh when finding a jury notice in the mail. Jury service usually means taking time off of work, finding babysitters, rescheduling plans, possibly losing money, and waiting around in a courthouse for the day, sometimes longer. But, we all understand that it is important to the foundation of our legal system, and reminds each of us that if we were in the position of a Defendant, we would have the right to a fair trial, including a pool of our peers: jurors. For attorneys and law firms, jury service is a huge undertaking and could take days, weeks, or months to hand-select a group of selected, unbiased, favorable jurors for a case. On top of jury selection, attorneys have other arrangements, meetings, motions, trial preparation, preparing clients, and more to do before heading into a trial.

Jury Consulting Services

Advanced Investigations is proud to offer quality jury consultation services. The skilled team of investigators at Advanced Investigations recognizes how critical every step of the pre-trial process is and can help ensure that your law firm goes into the trial as prepared for battle as can be. Some of the many jury consultation services we offer lawyers across the state of Connecticut both before and during a trial include:

  • Jury research
  • Case assessment
  • Witness evaluation and preparation

If your law firm needs Connecticut’s most trusted jury consulting services, you can count on Advanced Investigations.

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If you are a law firm that needs to ensure the best possible jury for your client’s case, it is essential that you consider jury consulting services from Advanced Investigations. We understand the importance of understanding what you will be up against in court and are here to help. With so much at stake, we understand how important it is to have a jury that you can feel confident in. To learn more about the jury consulting services that we provide, contact Advanced Investigations today.

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