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Advanced Investigations can provide two types of computer forensic services. First, an investigation where people have been on the internet and determining what websites have been visited. Second, blocking websites on networks that are associated with your home or business. These are both loss prevention services that may be able to enhance a business’s productivity and reliability. If your business is in need of computer forensic services, you can feel confident knowing Advanced Investigations is on your side. Contact our office today to learn how we can help.

Employee Distractions on the Internet

The internet can be a huge distraction for employees and often both small and large businesses allow employees enough independence to be able to surf the internet and browse any websites they want while on the clock. This causes a lack of productivity in the workplace as well as exposes businesses to hacking and viruses on the computers. If employees in your office are often found browsing the internet, online shopping, watching videos on YouTube, or chatting online with others, it may be time to block certain distracting websites from your office computers. Even worse, if you suspect that someone in your office is being sneaky, leaking company information from an office computer, or doing illegal things online, it may be time to investigate the websites that were visited on the office computers.

For example, let’s use an average full-time employee that works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Let’s say this employee spends about 60 minutes every workday wasting time on the internet. If that employee gets paid around $15.00 per hour, you are losing about $15.00 per employee every day, and $75.00 per employee every week. If you are a small business and have about 10 employees, that is about $750.00 of wasted money every week! However, this is just an example, and depending on the amount of time your employees spend wasting time on the internet, these numbers could be much higher. Employees that work from home full-time or frequently could be wasting even more time due to lack of supervision.

How can Advanced increase workplace productivity?

Websites and social media such as Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, and other sites can be a huge distraction to employees who spend a lot of time on computers during work hours. Taking the distractions away or minimizing exposure to these websites could enhance productivity and focus in the office. Preventing notifications from popping up throughout the day will cut down on the number of interruptions.

More importantly, blocking certain websites on office computers can minimize the risk of exposure to computer viruses and online hackers. If office computers have unlimited access to the internet, the chances of viruses and hackers can be much greater. Filtering out access to offensive content can also decrease the risks of lawsuits and litigation. This type of offensive content could include gambling sites, sports, stock trading, online auctions, videos, music, and adult content and more. It is estimated that over 90% of stock trading is done during work hours and in the workplace, about 30% of employees engage in watching sports during work, and over 20% of employees online shop while at work.

Employers and business owners want to trust their employees and believe that they are always focused and hard at work all day. However, even the most honest and trustworthy employees could be engaging in wasting time on the internet. After all, who can resist the temptation of taking little breaks here and there to catch up on social media notifications and finding the perfect outfit for the weekend? Employers and business owners are responsible for their money and their employees, and computer forensic services may be the answer to not throwing out money because of distractions and wasted time.

Other issues that may demand the use of computer forensics include:

  • employee disputes
  • claims of harassment
  • violating company policy
  • threats
  • workplace theft
  • leaking confidential information

Contact Advanced Investigations’ computer forensics team today

Employee misconduct and disputes can threaten the health and safety of the workplace. Our computer forensics services may be able to solve disputes more efficiently because it may provide evidence or reveal information that minimizes the time spent in further investigations. If you believe that your business may be able to benefit from computer forensics services, give Advanced Investigations a call today to speak with someone who can help you with your situation, specifically. Clue in to the truth about your employee with an in-depth investigation. Contact our office today to protect your business.

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