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Every single day, car accidents, personal injuries, and workplace accidents occur across the United States. It is not enough to simply say that something went wrong. Accident reconstruction determines the way an accident occurred, which individuals were involved, who was at fault, and how the accident could have been prevented. Attorneys working an accident case must understand the critical components of the causes of the accident and injuries that were a direct result of the accident. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for attorneys to be well-equipped with these details of the accident that is the subject of a case.  If you need a trusted team of accident reconstruction experts to recreate an accident, contact Advanced Investigations today to learn how we can help.

What is Accident Reconstruction?

The reconstruction of accidents is attempted by many different people throughout the life of an accident case. 

  • Parties will explain in their own words what happened 
  • Witnesses will attempt to tell what they saw and heard
  • Police will write up a report about the scene of the accident, the violations, and other factors such as speeding or alcohol use 
  • Attorneys will take all this information into consideration to compile what they think is a clear picture of what happened 

What are all of these people missing? They are missing an unbiased composite of all the mechanics, factors, accounts, and reports of the accident. Parties will tell their own sides of the story, which often contradict each other. Attorneys will almost always look at any information that is biased toward his or her client. Witnesses can only attest to the fraction of what they actually saw and heard. Police usually do not witness the accident and can include their own biases in reports. Private investigators are perhaps the only individuals who can take everything that is known and unknown about an accident and make a compilation that is required for an accident case. Further, investigators can then know what information is missing and search for the truth. 

Private investigators can use several aspects to reconstruct an accident, including: 

  • Inspection of the accident scene
  • Interviews with witnesses, locating photos and videos, and any other clues of the accident
  • Vehicle and machine inspections 
  • Computer software programs that can be used for visual reconstruction and analysis 

Private investigations can be used to hold the liable party accountable, prove fault in an accident, prevent future accidents, get answers, bring closure to the parties, and find evidence that will hold up in court. 

Methods of Investigating a Car Accident

Car accidents cause millions of dollars annually can negatively impact anyone involved in them. Car accidents often have many different factors including the mechanics of vehicles, conditions of the road, other cars on the road at the time, negligence of drivers, involvement with alcohol and drugs, passengers in the accident, and motor vehicle violations like failure to yield and speeding. Due to the breadth of factors in car accident cases, conducting a deep investigation is often necessary to find the whole truth and to give attorneys the evidence they need to hold up in court.  Methods that private investigators use for motor vehicle accidents include: 

  • Forensic accident reconstruction 
  • Expert safety investigation 
  • Collision cause investigation 
  • Traffic investigation and reconstruction
  • Vehicle analysis
  • Witness interviews and investigation 

Contact Advanced Investigations

If you have a client who has been involved in a car accident, and the fault or other factors are in question, Advanced Investigations can provide experienced accident reconstruction experts to assist. Advanced Investigations can offer a wide range of services to investigate and reconstruct the accident, parties, and moving parts involved. Detailed and reliable information that can be used in court is of critical importance to any accident case and our private investigators.  Contact Advanced Investigations today to learn how we can assist your firm. 

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