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Social Media Due Diligence

Social Media Due Diligence Services for Businesses in Connecticut

Social media is now transforming into a sensational way to connect with consumers, clients, customers, colleagues, and competitors. People look to hire professionals online, they search social media accounts, look at company reviews and photos all to get a glimpse of what a business is all about. If a business’s social media accounts are dotted with negativity, offensive content, or even just lacking intriguing content, this can automatically repel potential customers and clients. Not only is it critically important to have positive social media accounts for a business, but it is important to have employees who also have appropriate and positive social media accounts as well. Employees are often the face of a business, and if they have inappropriate content, this can also turn people off to a business. Businesses could be losing money from potential customers and clients without even realizing, all because of social media. If you need help with social media due diligence for your business, contact Advanced Investigations today and learn how we can help.

What is Social Media Due Diligence?

Social media due diligence dives into a business’s social media presence. Having a strong social media presence and making sure that it is at its peak profitability potential is the key to a strong, profitable company. Due diligence is also making sure that employees’ content and shared posts are reflecting the business in a positive light. This is why diving into the business’ social media as well as employee social media activity is important to monitor.

There are several red flags that are looked out for when doing social media due diligence:

  • Distasteful content, posts, photos, videos, and links
  • Posts that harm others’ reputation
  • Content that highlights a lack of good judgment or professionalism
  • Sloppy content
  • Grammatically incorrect content
  • Lack of follower engagement, feedback, and reviews
  • Poor engagement with target audiences
  • Lack of content geared toward target audiences
  • Irrelevant content
  • Low numbers of followers
  • Content that undermines the brand’s credibility

The Role of Social Media in Today’s World

Poorly maintained and monitored social media presence can seriously damage a company and requires the inclusion of due diligence. However, it is important that due diligence is put in the hands of professionals who understand social media in relation to the protection of data, relevant trends, and intellectual property law.

In a time where people use social media to rant about their personal beliefs on politics, religion, celebrities, and controversial issues, it can be easy to get caught up in using social media as a platform for controversial beliefs. However, businesses should be wary of doing this because although sharing posts like this can give potential clients and customers an idea of what the business stands for, it could be doing more harm than good. Social media content should be aimed at triggering the right type of emotions from viewers.

Social media can also play a huge role in litigation and legal research for cases. If a company finds itself tangled in a legal issue, harmful social media content can fuel the fire and act as evidence of bad character. It is estimated that about 24% of lawyers search social media for evidence in cases. Prosecutors also use social media to find evidence to use against people and to prove motive. In some cases, judges have actually granted attorneys private access to accounts if they can show that there is probable cause to investigate deeper. Needless to say, the legal world is quickly realizing that social media benefits their ability to find information on people and businesses.

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Social media due diligence looks at a companies’ corporate web presence, those handling and managing social media accounts, credentials, security, powerful content, engagement with viewers and followers, and acquisition. If social media is causing a headache for your business, contact Advanced Investigations today to speak with a professional who can help you figure out what the best course of action is.

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