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A background check is a deep dive into someone’s professional, education, and personal history that reveals who he or she is as a person. This service can reveal things like criminal history, employment history, participation in civil lawsuits, family history, education history, and more. Background searching is a good resource for businesses because it means going the extra mile to ensure that the right employees are being hired and trusted with everything that is important to the business. Not only do background checks reveal the truth, but they minimize the risk of an unsafe work environment. If you believe that your business may benefit from conducting a background check, contact Advanced Investigations today to learn how we can help.

Background Checks for Businesses and More

Background checks are not only useful for businesses, but also for those looking to hire someone for a one-time project, selecting a public official, investing money into other companies, signing a contract with someone, finding a tenant, or hiring babysitters and nannies. Hiring any one of these people means inviting a new person into your life and exposing your business, projects, secrets, employees, customers, and family to a new person. Often the only way to feel completely secure in this big decision is to make sure that you know the full truth of who this person is.

Why do companies need to conduct background searches?

Background searches are not only designed to reveal the truth about who a person is, but they can also show what degrees a person has, where they have worked, and what licenses and memberships they hold. Though we like to trust people and think the best of those we meet, there are dishonest people who will lie about their work history, degrees, and even licenses they hold. This can expose your business to unnecessary risks and financial loss. Dishonest people and those with red flags could be a risk to a business’ finances, productivity, environment, and reputation. Along with this, exposure to potential litigation from lawsuits could cost a business thousands or millions of dollars. Not only do lawsuits cause a business financial loss, but also can cause distress within the company and the public’s loss of trust for a business.

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, it is estimated that businesses lost about 5% of their annual income due to employee theft, fraud, and other abuse. It turns out that small businesses are actually at an even greater risk for these types of risks. The Chamber of Commerce estimates that about 75% of employees have ripped off their employers by stealing at least once. White-collar crimes are a serious problem that affects businesses everywhere, and often employers and businesses become the victims of these crimes.

Background Checks for Small Businesses

Small businesses face the very real threat of employees stealing, expense padding, payroll schemes, check for tampering, and even petty theft. This is often because employers want to trust their employees and be confident with their own hiring decisions. However, no one can completely predict the bad seeds. Many times employees are criminals only because of opportunity. However, taking security measures such as background checks can minimize the potential of hiring bad employees who put businesses at risk.

Background Checks for Large Businesses

Large companies also face the potential for hiring the wrong people due to a lack of background checks. With larger numbers of employees comes higher turnover rates and often busier agendas that require speedy hiring processes. Even companies who take the time to conduct hundreds of interviews to find the right fit, face the potential for dishonest people, without checking their history. Background checks can also be a game-changer for delivery companies and businesses that hire drivers because not only are they entrusted with company products and vehicles, but they put companies at risk for lawsuits involving their driving abilities.

Contact Advanced Investigations

Hiring an investigator to conduct background searches brings the advantages of receiving accurate and reliable information as well as eliminates the need to use time and resources to conduct them from within the business. Background searches can also be customized to fit individual needs such as the specific requirements that are most critical to the business’ needs. Background searches could ease the hiring process and also give business owners and employers peace of mind knowing that they can trust their current and future employees, which is an essential part of business security and advancement. Whether you have current reservations about certain employees or feel that your hiring process and business could improve, background searches are the answer. Recruiting new members of your team is a critical component of any business’ growth and productivity, so make the step for your business today. Contact Advanced Investigations to learn how we can help.

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