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Connecticut Private Investigator for Lawyers

Connecticut Private Investigator For Lawyers

Private Detective for Lawyers in Connecticut

Here at Advanced Investigations, we know that as an attorney, you’re always busy, and you always have a lot on your plate. For this very reason, we are here to inform you that for nearly 20 years, we have helped attorneys through various fact-finding investigations to provide them with the data they need to do what they do best–practice the law and help their clients. That being said, if you need the assistance of an experienced team of private investigators fo lawyers to uncover the truth about any given matter, you can depend on us to do so swiftly, efficiently, and within the law’s constraints so you do not have to worry about the legality of bringing our findings into a courtroom setting. To learn more about how we can help you help your clients, contact Advanced Investigations today for a free consultation.

Our Services for Lawyers

For years, our team of experienced private investigators has worked for the benefit of attorneys and law firms throughout the state of Connecticut, providing them with the following services, among others:

  • Jury consulting: Selecting the best jury possible is a critical part of winning your case. This process is often time-consuming and difficult, and Advanced Investigations can assist you, every step of the way.
  • Supervised visitation: If you are a family law attorney for a client with a child custody agreement in place, there is a very good chance that supervised visitation is a part of that agreement. We can help oversee these visitations to ensure your client’s children are being taken care of in a safe, stable environment.
  • Computer forensics: If you need assistance determining what your staff is doing while on the clock, or there are certain website you wish to block individuals from viewing, look no further than Advanced Investigations. We are here to help.
  • Asset searches: Whether you are a personal injury attorney or a family law attorney, conducting a thorough asset search is most likely an integral part of your case. Advanced Investigations can help ensure all assets are brought to light in any legal matter.
  • Accident reconstruction: If you are a personal injury attorney, you know as well as anyone how beneficial it can be to have a professional reconstruct an accident. This can help you prove the liable party and assess the damages of which your client is entitled to.
  • Background searches: If you are working on a case where you require an in-depth background search of an individual, we can help provide you with all the information you need, within legal constraints, to help further your case and benefit your client.
  • Process serving: Serving papers is often an extremely difficult task, as oftentimes, when individuals are served papers, they become angry, emotional, and, frequently, irrational. We can serve these papers on your behalf so you or your client do not have to.
  • Missing persons investigations: If you are tasked with helping your client find a missing person, you know that the urgency of the situation absolutely calls for outside help. Advanced Investigations has handled countless numbers of these cases, and we are ready to do the same for you.
  • Cohabitation investigations: If your client is required to make regular alimony payments and he or she believes that his or her former spouse is living with another person, and therefore he/she does not have to continue making such payments, we can get to the bottom of the situation and provide you and your client with the information you need to move forward with the legal process ahead.
  • Surveillance: Whether you are a criminal law attorney, a family law attorney, or otherwise, general surveillance can provide you with valuable intel that can drastically affect the course of your case, as well as the strategy you choose when handling your case.
  • Domestic investigations: Various legal matters require an in-depth investigation of the subject’s domestic life. Advanced Investigations has handled various domestic investigations through the years, continuously shedding light on a wide array of domestic matters.
  • Personal injury investigations: Oftentimes, after a serious accident occurs, attorneys need an outside, unbiased third party to determine what truly happened, how it happened, and who the party responsible is. We can get to the bottom of any injury case.
  • Criminal investigations: Criminal matters are rarely black and white. That is why criminal attorneys need an experienced team of private investigators to do all of the digging and scene-setting necessary to get a more complete understanding of the situation at hand. We provide attorneys across the state of Connecticut with these services.

Our Mission

Here at Advanced Investigations, we know how critical it is for lawyers to get the information they need to move forward with their case as quickly as possible. For this very reason, we pride ourselves in providing you, our client, with the very same level of integrity, dependability, and respect that you provide to your clients.

Why Choose Advanced Investigations?

Since 2009, Paul Cicarella and our team here at Advanced Investigations has been the most trusted private investigation firm throughout the state of Connecticut. To us, there is nothing more important than ensuring that both you and your clients are safe and informed through every step of the process. Not only do we have the skill and years of experience needed to provide you with the best results possible, but we also continue to educate ourselves as the field evolves, and we possess, and continue to use state-of-the-art technology that truly gives us an edge over all other private investigative teams in Connecticut.

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The bottom line is that if you are an attorney who needs a team of specialized private investigators for lawyers, you can rely on, you must not settle for anything short of the best. Advanced Investigations has been striving to be our very best since we first started nearly 20 years ago. If you need a team that will truly do whatever it takes to keep you and your clients safe while providing you with the critical information you need to move forward with your case, contact us today and schedule your free consultation.

Paul Cicarella and His Team

Our Team Is The Best in the Business

We are focused on providing the best service for our clients. As a result, we continue to train on the most up to date technology. Our staff regularly attends training with the various state and federal enforcement agencies, as well as international intelligence agencies.

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"I have worked with Paul and his team on countless criminal and personal injury matters. They are very responsive, thorough, and professional. I highly recommend Advanced Investigations."

Peter B.

"I've had a long time relationship in multiple locations with this company and its always provided great results and customer service."

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"Advanced investigations did a great job for me and my family!"

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"Such an awesome experience, thank you!!!"

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"Advanced Investigations has been assisting me with my cases for several years and I have found that they consistently execute quality work and display a high level of professionalism with both myself and my clients.…"

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