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Executive protection (EP), also known as close protection, is a service that provides individuals protection from harm or danger due to their status, employment, wealth, or associations. Unfortunately, many individuals find themselves in vulnerable positions while traveling or even doing work-related activities. If you feel that you are in danger, protection from experienced executive protectors may be necessary. Contact Advanced Investigations today to learn how we can help with all of your executive protection needs.

What is executive protection?

There are many situations that may lead to the need for executive protection. CEOs and company executives may feel unsafe due to letting go of a, particularly angry employee. These executives may be traveling to and from business meetings and feel that they are at risk for harm or traveling to and from court hearings due to litigation. Executive protection could involve simple risk-assessment to make sure that specific individuals are not the target of harm. Anyone can be the target of harm from individuals and company executives to officials and celebrities to entire companies.

Skilled executive protectors can provide services like predicting and monitoring sometimes little details that may go unnoticed such as cameras or followers. These bodyguards are trained to keep a watch of all things that may threaten the individual. Services could also include more obvious threats such as large crowds, intruders, or attackers. Skilled guards will allow an individual to travel, attend business obligations, and live day-to-day without the fear of being a victim of an attack, crime, violence, or spying.

Other Ways We Can Help

Although executive protection is usually associated with protecting a person from harm, there are also other things that executive protection can provide safety. These could include:

  • Security of property and cargo;
  • Deterring crime;
  • Threat assessment of a company;
  • Overseas protection; and
  • Emergency planning.

Companies and businesses that are in high-crime areas, are the target of violence, or face the threat of break-ins or vandalism may find peace of mind in knowing that their company is protected by executive protection services. For companies and businesses that are highly controversial or a target of protesters, this service can not only keep the property safe but also the employees and customers safe. Business owners know that if their business is threatened by harm, vandalism, or angry protesters, their business can suffer in productivity, profitability, and by negative reputation in the public arena. Issues with breaches of security can also put companies at risk for loss of confidentiality and costly litigation.

Most companies and owners are unaware of the scope of harm that their assets and employees face. Therefore, risk assessment can be extremely beneficial in preventing risks before it is too late. Risk assessment involves a deep investigation into the weak points that a company faces in security and surveillance. Just one blind spot or ignored verbal threat can but a company at serious risk for future harm. Evaluations into a company’s security measures can illuminate the areas that should be corrected in order to ensure maximum security and safety of employees, property, and customers.

International Executive Protection

As businesses expand overseas, it begins to face a whole new host of potential security issues. Once trade secrets, confidential information, property, and employees are on foreign land, there is always less protection and more risks to harm. This is often because company executives and CEOs are often not overseas to monitor in person, and there is often language and cultural barriers. Executive protection services can provide trained individuals who know specific threats based on the environment and can investigate signs of threat or wrongdoing in order to prevent it and keep property and people from vulnerability.

For individuals and companies that must send expensive or confidential items overseas, it can be extremely nerve-wracking to trust it with the hands of mail carriers. The cost of losing expensive or confidential property often outweighs the cost of having an executive protection service guarding the shipment until it has arrived safely to its destination. A guard can also ensure against damage, getting lost or stolen, and delays. This service can give executives, businesses, or individuals the peace of mind that their property is traveling safely overseas to the right hands or location.

Emergency Planning for Businesses

Any business can benefit from having an emergency plan in place for those worst-case-scenario situations. Whether a business faces a higher risk of potential harm or attack or merely just operates in public, it faces danger by merely existing in this day and age. Fortunately, executive protection services can work with a business owner or executive to figure out the specific needs of the business, and the best ways to protect everyone. Potential dangerous situations could come from angry former employees or customers, random attacks, breaches in security, and even natural disasters like a fire or earthquake. Emergency plans could include safe rooms, exit strategies, lock-down drills, evacuation plans, and emergency drills. Emergency planning can give businesses the peace of mind in knowing that if the worst-case scenario does occur, it can be handled in the fastest, safest, and most efficient way possible.

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Executive protection services can be beneficial for individuals who face potential danger when going to work, traveling, going to court, and more. These services can also benefit businesses by offering the security of property and cargo, crime deterrence, threat assessment of a company, overseas protection, and emergency planning. If you or your business could benefit from these services, contact Advanced Investigations to get assistance with your personal or business needs today.

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