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When businesses feel as though they are being threatened, whether by a disgruntled employee, a customer, or a competitor, it is essential that they take their security measures seriously. With so much at stake, you should feel confident that your employees, your customers, and your business are protected. With the help of Advanced Investigations’ corporate private investigators, you can feel confident knowing that any security measures you need are in place. We are the most trusted private investigators in Connecticut, helping businesses get the answers they deserve. To learn more about what Advanced Investigations can do for your business, contact us today.

Our Corporate Investigative Services

For decades, Advanced Investigations’ corporate private investigators have been Connecticut’s most trusted firm for investigations, security, and more. We understand how important your business is and are ready to help you find the answers you are seeking. Some of our many business services include the following:

  • Loss PreventionUnfortunately, businesses are subject to theft from customers, employees, and more. At Advanced Investigations, we know what to look for to help you determine if employee theft is occurring at your business and prevent future losses. We harness the power of cutting-edge technologies, including Cellebrite UFED, to maximize the security of businesses around the state of Connecticut.
  • Opposition research: If you own a business, you must have an edge over your competitors to succeed. Our firm has successfully conducted opposition research to help businesses receive the intel they need to truly thrive for years, and we know we have what it takes to do the same for you.
  • Executive protection: Unfortunately, if you are a high-profile individual, you may be a target for those who wish to do you harm. We can work to ensure you are safe and protected, at all times.
  • Undercover shoppers: If you run a retail business or any other business where you notice merchandise unexplainably vanishing from your inventory, or you notice that certain employee’s stories simply do not line up, it may be time to hire an experienced undercover shopper who can keep an eye on your store at all times to watch like a hawk and ensure no employees or other individuals are stealing from right under your nose.
  • Social media due diligence: In today’s day and age, social media plays a huge role in a successful business. While businesses must take it upon themselves to ensure their social media campaigns are up to par, the truth is, they cannot always keep after every single thing their employees post on their accounts. That being said, when employees violate a business’s code of conduct on social media, it can have a very negative impact on the business without that business ever knowing. We can ensure your employees give your business a good name. You deserve to truly know who you hired, and we have what it takes to provide you with that information.
  • Security camera systems: In today’s day and age, security cameras are everywhere. However, if your business does not have security cameras yet, you can depend on us to provide you with a state-of-the-art security system to ensure your business is protected from burglaries, theft, vandalization, and additional underhanded conduct.
  • Computer forensics: Advanced Investigations can find out what websites your employees are visiting, as well as block various websites to maximize productivity and ensure your employees are staying on-task, all the time.
  • Workers’ compensation investigations: If one of your employees recently claimed that he or she is injured, though you believe that employee may be taking advantage of your workers’ compensation insurance, you need a private investigator who can track that employee down and ensure he or she is acting in good faith.
  • Tracking devices: If you run a business that deals with commercial vehicles and travel, we can install tracking devices on those vehicles so you always know that your employees are going where they’re supposed to be going, and are doing so in a reasonable amount of time to maximize productivity.
  • Debugging: If your business has been bugged or your security has otherwise been compromised by spyware or a hacking device, Advanced Investigations can help restore the privacy your business deserves and needs to truly thrive by debugging the threat.
  • Background checks: Before hiring a new employee, every business should hire Advanced Investigations to conduct a thorough background search so they know that they are hiring who they think they are hiring. We can help ensure you are not recruiting someone with a criminal record or shady past so you can feel truly confident in your next hire.

Safeguard Your Business

Small businesses can be easy targets for those looking to take advantage. Without the resources of a large company, it can be hard to safeguard your business. We can help. From vetting potential employees to security systems and workers’ compensation investigations, Advanced Investigations has your business covered.

Our Mission

Advanced Investigations prides itself on its professionalism, honesty, integrity, and reliability that delivers outstanding results with exceptional communication. We strive to provide the highest level of service to our clients and to get them the answers that they deserve.

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When your business is put at risk, you need to do everything in your power to protect what matters most. Advanced Investigations understands the immense pressure that you may be under and is prepared to reduce that burden to help you feel safe and protected. No matter your situation, our firm will do everything we can to find the answers and the safety you deserve. To learn how we can help your family obtain the results you need, contact Advanced Investigations today, and schedule a free consultation.

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We are focused on providing the best service for our clients. As a result, we continue to train on the most up to date technology. Our staff regularly attends training with the various state and federal enforcement agencies, as well as international intelligence agencies.

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