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Successfully running any businesses that requires transportation, company vehicles, deliveries, and trucking services includes tracking vehicles. In these types of businesses, time is money, and a commercial vehicle tracking device can definitely reduce the amount of wasted time. If you are a business owner that uses company vehicles, it may be time to consider taking control of the property that you depend on. To learn how Advanced Investigations can help your business maximize its potential, contact our office today.

Why do businesses use commercial vehicle tracking devices?

GPS commercial vehicle tracking devices are usually placed somewhere on a moving motor vehicle or person and deliver real-time location. The modernization of tracking devices has allowed these devices to transform into real-time tracking and covert devices. Devices can range in the dependability, distance range, and size. Devices can help ensure that employees are reliable and honest, save a business time and money, and reduce the hassle of the administrative aspect of the business.

It can be extremely frustrating for owners to trust their employees to drive company vehicles and deal with all the hassles that come with getting from point A to point B. Driving at any hour of the day can be unpredictable and businesses that rely on transportation for their business know that traffic, rerouting, and other delays cause wasted time.

Administrative managing of a business can be difficult for transportation and delivery companies because driving is inconsistent. It is nearly impossible to predict how long it will take to make deliveries, and get from one location to the next because of traffic, stops, rerouting, GPS malfunctions, and other delays. With accurate tracking on vehicles, the administration can become easier because the exact routes, gas used, mileage, and time spent on the road can be monitored and predicted for future trips.

Tracking devices also give business owners an idea of how honest and reliable their drivers are because the trackers tell a story. If you suspect that your drivers are making frequent, unnecessary stops, or consistently taking long routes, these issues can be dealt with before they progress and continue to cost the business money.

Dangers of Unmonitored Drivers

It is often a problem for businesses that require driving and delivering to organize efficiently. This is because it is unknown where drivers are, when they will be delivering, and when they will arrive back to the headquarters. Tracking vehicles can allow dispatchers to know where everyone is and make decisions that will maximize efficiency and productivity during the workday. Many businesses will also likely see an improvement in their customer service ratings because tracking can increase efficiency and punctuality in other aspects of the business.

A huge issue with unmonitored drivers is that there is too much independence that can be taken advantage of. Huge time-wasters include using phones and making calls while driving, getting turned around or taking long routes, taking too much time on stops and deliveries, and making frequent, unnecessary stops. Theft can also be a problem among employees with a lack of supervision. The threat of theft can be minimized with the use of GPS tracking. Again, tracking can allow business owners to monitor their employee’s actions and keep them accountable while on the road.

Many transportation businesses also face the looming possibility of traffic tickets and litigation from car accidents. Speeding drivers put businesses at risk for serious financial loss due to tickets and car accidents. Further, drivers who speed over 55 MPH actually decrease the fuel efficiency of vehicles by 1.6%. Even more shocking is that when a vehicle is running but not moving, it is actually wasting about a gallon of fuel per hour. GPS monitoring can also businesses to track when drivers are idle, speeding, or using company time for personal use.

Financial Benefits of A Commercial Vehicle Tracking Device

Besides saving time and money through tracking drivers, GPS tracking also has financial benefits for payroll and insurance rates. Tracking drivers and routes can assist in managing time cards, theft, and can keep payroll costs down. Further, some insurance providers will actually give discounted rates to transportation businesses that use GPS tracking to monitor employees and company vehicles.

Despite the assumption that tracking devices can only be beneficial to trucking and delivery companies, tracking can also benefit other markets such as retail, hospitality, education, healthcare, and more. Companies like these often specialize in customer service and timely service. When customers and clients wonder where their order is, tracking devices can eliminate the complications of disorganization.

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Whatever your business may be, tracking devices can likely help the quality of service, efficiency, minimization of financial loss, and dependability. If you are a business owner and you believe that GPS tracking could improve your business in some way, contact Advanced Investigations today to speak with someone about your business’ specific tracking needs.

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