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Domestic Investigation Services for Lawyers

Behind closed doors, domestic issues are quite common. Many times, families need to reach out to a lawyer to help them resolve their domestic matters. In some situations, a domestic investigation is necessary to help answer any questions that may be looming over a relationship. At Advanced Investigations, we proudly conduct domestic investigations to help lawyers and families get the answers they are seeking. No matter your situation, we are here to help. Contact Advanced Investigations today to learn how we can help.

Understanding Domestic Issues

Domestic investigations are one of the most widely used private investigator services in the United States. Why? Domestic problems seep into the deepest and most important parts of our lives and it can be difficult to rely on non-professionals to help with these issues. Domestic issues include:

  • divorce
  • custody battles
  • infidelity
  • paternity testing
  • suspected violence in the home
  • crime, breaches of security
  • suspected drug and alcohol abuse
  • accidents

Domestic investigations are really about finding and minimizing danger to one’s self, workplace, home, loved ones, and property. So many rely on private investigators for investigating these situations because private investigators are reliable, unbiased, confidential, trustworthy, non-judgemental, and dedicated to finding answers.

Domestic investigation can involve services that are catered to individuals and individual situations. Services used include domestic surveillance, background checks, undercover operations, computer forensics, public record searches, locating persons, and interviewing sources. These methods can find evidence to use in divorce situations, custody battles, suspected infidelity, and paternity situations, minimizing violence or crime, bring to light dangers, and can be used as evidence for accidents.

Infidelity Investigations

A common domestic is cheating spouses and partners. Do you ever get the feeling that your spouse is being secretive? Do you catch your partner telling lies or sneaking around? Is your spouse frequently going out at night or staying at work late? Unfortunately, we all know of people that have cheated on their spouse, and most of the time, the cheating spouse will do everything possible to avoid the truth being brought to light. Cheaters may meet the other person at work, business trips and events, school, or after reconnecting with old acquaintances. Infidelity has increased in the past few decades and sadly, it can go on for weeks, months, or even years without the other spouse discovering it. Private investigation can find answers using surveillance and undercover operations.

Investigations for Divorce & Custody Matters

Divorces and custody battles can be devastating and messy for many couples and families. There are often secrets, lies, and information that one spouse or partner could be hiding from the other. This type of information is critical for divorce proceedings and custody battles. Trusting a professional with information as sensitive as one’s marriage and children can be difficult, however, private investigators act as an unbiased third party, seeking the truth in a diligent and confidential manner. Computer searches, background checks, locating persons, surveillance, and undercover operations can bring the full truth to light and can assist partners and families in divorce and custody battle situations.

Investigations for Child Safety

For families with teenagers and young adults, the worst-case scenarios often fill their heads with worry. However, teenagers and young adults face peer pressure, low confidence, and impulsivity at that age, leading to involvement in accidents, partying, sneaking out of the house, skipping school, using fake I.D.s, and drug and alcohol use. If you are a parent of a teenager or young adult and you are worried about their health and safety, there may be more that you can do to ease your mind and address any dangerous threats with your child. Surveillance and undercover operations can be done to make sure that your child is safe. If he or she is involved with dangerous activities, a private investigation can get evidence that parents need to confront their child with the issue, so it can be addressed.

Other Private Investigation Services

Nothing is scarier than the thought of an intruder in your home or workplace, invading on the safety of yourself, partner, children, friends, and employees. The home and workplace are where most people spend most or all of their time, and security is a high priority. Private investigators can use domestic surveillance, background checks, undercover operations, computer forensics, public record searches, locating persons, and interviewing sources to find and minimize threats to homes and businesses.

Contact Advanced Investigations

No matter what the domestic problem is, Advanced Investigations will take the time to learn your situation and find the best person to handle your needs. If you suspect that the need help to locate information or people, finding evidence, or feel that your home, family, or workplace is being threatened, contact Advanced Investigations today to find out what you can do and how we can help you.

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