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Why should I consider hiring a private investigator to aid a criminal investigation?

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As a criminal defense attorney, you must sift through countless amounts of evidence to construct a strong argument that proves your client’s innocence. This process is often overwhelming and time-consuming, leading to pertinent pieces of evidence being inadvertently overlooked, especially when dealing with a significant caseload. Unfortunately, the justice system is not perfect, and there are instances in which innocent individuals are wrongly charged and convicted of crimes they did not commit. You should consider obtaining additional investigative services to defend your client if assigned a criminal case. Please don’t take on this task alone; contact the skilled team of Connecticut Criminal Investigators at Advanced Investigations, who can help maximize your chances of winning your case. 

How can private investigators help lawyers during a criminal investigation?

Often, criminal cases involve sifting through evidence such as police reports, surveillance footage, witness statements, crime scene photos, autopsy reports, medical records, and other critical forms of research. It is pretty easy for pertinent pieces of evidence to be overlooked. However, one of the main benefits of hiring a private investigator to aid a criminal investigation is they use their keen eye to find clues and evidence from criminal cases. Instead of focusing your time on looking into the backgrounds of people, interviewing witnesses, and locating surveillance and police reports, you can put all of your energy into building a solid case for your client. Private investigators will be able to gather unbiased facts surrounding the crime and collect pertinent evidence that you may not be able to obtain due to restrictions set forth by the jurisdiction.

Private investigators have access to a range of resources that attorneys are not privy to. This includes surveillance equipment, GPS trackers, discrete vehicles, various databases, and other valuable tools that assist them in gathering relevant information for a specific case. Nevertheless, one of the main reasons for hiring a private investigator to aid in your criminal investigation is that any evidence and information obtained can be used in court during legal arguments.

In addition, private investigators can be particularly helpful if you suspect your client has been falsely accused of a crime. As previously stated, the justice system is flawed, and mistakes happen more often than one may realize. However, mistakes in a criminal case can result in innocent people being wrongfully imprisoned. Our private investigators will thoroughly cover all grounds to ensure that every piece of evidence is uncovered. Ultimately, this will help you bring the truth to light.

If you are a criminal defense attorney, please don’t hesitate to contact our skilled Connecticut criminal investigators from Advanced Investigations, who can help you ensure no evidence or clue will go unnoticed. With years of experience, you can trust that our dedicated investigators will help you through this complex process.

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