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What to know about teenage runaways?

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Understandably, when a juvenile goes missing, the first call is to the local authorities, as police departments have a vast array of resources that can be used to locate a person. However, these resources can be stretched too thin as law enforcement officers juggle several cases simultaneously, meaning your loved one’s case may not be prioritized. If your child ran away from home, the police may not look for them or put less effort into locating them once they’ve exhausted all their leads. To maximize the chances of your loved one being situated safely, you should look into Advanced Investigations Connecticut Missing Persons Investigations for Families that specialize in locating teenage runaways. As more and more teenagers go missing each year, it is vital to consider all available resources for finding them before it’s too late.

What common indicators may suggest a child is contemplating running away?

If you are worried that your teenager may be contemplating running away, you should look out for the following warning signs:

  • Criminal activity
  • Frequent fits of anger
  • Lost interest in their favorite hobbies
  • Mood swings
  • Mental health issues
  • Substance abuse
  • Suicidal thoughts

Parents must try to identify underlying problems and get their children the help they need. Finding resolutions to their issues can help prevent them from running away. It is critical to note that if it is found that a child has run away to get away from any abuse, the police will put them in protective custody. Private investigators will report abuse accusations to the police.

How can private investigators help locate teenage runaways?

Discovering your child has run away can be devastating for parents. Juveniles may run away for various reasons. However, regardless of the reasoning, they are more at risk than any other age group of being sexually abused and winding up homeless. Unfortunately, they typically trust the wrong people. According to research, at least one in seven juveniles between 10 and 18 will run away. Hence, in cases of missing juveniles, seeking assistance from parties other than the police can significantly benefit your situation.

Professional private investigators with years of experience will know how to fund a juvenile runaway far more quickly and efficiently than parents or police. Parents often cannot look at the situation objectively, preventing them from thinking outside the box about where their loved one may have gone. However, private investigators can look at it from all angles. Further, private investigators can work in conjunction with police officers. Adding an extra set of eyes can significantly increase the likelihood of finding helpful clues on where a juvenile may have run away to.

If you need help searching for a juvenile runaway, contact the skilled and reliable private investigators at Advanced Investigations. Our team is committed to utilizing our extensive resources to locate missing loved ones and reunite families.

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