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Why Should I Hire a Child Custody Investigator?

The most common priority shared between two co-parents is the wellbeing of their child. Sharing custody with a former spouse or partner can be worrying and stressful. It is hard to know whether your former spouse is adequately raising your child when you are not around. There are not many ways to truly understand if they are caring for your child the way you would like. If you are feeling this way, it is important to understand that you have options. You may want to consider hiring a private investigator who can check on your former spouse by utilizing surveillance. Our private investigation team will be able to properly determine if your former spouse is exposing your child to dangerous, inappropriate, or violent behavior.

How a Connecticut Child Custody Investigator Can Assist You

After hiring our team of investigators, we will first conduct a series of investigations that will help us observe your former spouse while they go about their day. Things that we will be on the lookout for during our investigation include the following: Abusing drugs or alcohol, drinking and driving, being verbally or physically abusive to your child, or leaving your child unattended.

The reason to hire a private investigator in a situation such as this is that every piece of evidence that we collect can be used in court. Utilizing a private investigating team ensures that the surveillance of your former spouse is legally obtained. Should we find something that proves that your former spouse is unfit to parent your child, it is possible to legally bring this information to the court in order to request a modification to your initial child custody agreement.

If you are considering taking your former spouse to court to request a modification to your initial child custody agreement, the first step you should take is to reach out to our office. Our private investigation team will obtain the evidence necessary to prove that your former spouse is unfit to raise your child at the present. We understand that a matter as serious as this should have action taken quickly and thoroughly for the sake of your child. We are confident in our ability to provide for our clients by resolving the matter as swiftly as possible. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact our office today. We would be happy to schedule an initial consultation and teach you about the services we provide for our clients. We are here to help. Give us a call today.

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