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What to Expect During a Private Investigation?

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If you watch movies or television shows about private investigations, you may believe that private investigators have the same authority as law enforcement. You may think investigators can hack into accounts, break into private property, and build phones, among other abilities. However, this is not reality. While private investigators don’t have the same authority as law enforcement officers, their investigations can help solve complex matters. Please continue reading to learn what you can expect during a private investigation and how our skilled Connecticut Private Detectives can help you today. 

How Does a Private Investigation Work?

Firstly, the process of a private investigation begins with an initial consultation. During a consultation, you will discuss your case. This is your opportunity to provide the investigator with pertinent details about your case, share your concerns, and ask questions about what you can expect from their services. The investigator will assess the feasibility of your case and offer different insights into potential strategies they believe may help you achieve your overall goals.

After your initial consultation, our investigators will assess the details of your case in further detail and devise a meticulous plan outlining how they intend to proceed using their available resources. From here, the actual investigation will begin, and they will gather evidence. This may involve background checks, data analysis, surveillance, and interviews, among other procedures. These methods aim to collect reliable information that can support your case and uncover the facts you need to find the answers you’ve been looking for. The primary investigative technique used by private investors is surveillance. They will use their expertise to observe subjects and monitor their movements to solve your case.

As evidence is collected, investigators will validate the credibility and relevance of the information gathered. This is an essential step during the investigation as it ensures that the evidence they’ve obtained is accurate. As their investigation concludes, the investigator will compile a report detailing their findings. This can include witness statements, photographs, video footage, and other supporting documentation. After their report has been prepared, it will be presented to you, and the investigator will discuss their findings.

What Can a Private Investigator Do and Not Do?

Privat Investigators often do similar work as law enforcement officers. However, they do not have the same authority. They can conduct investigations to gather information. Nevertheless, they must operate within legal and ethical boundaries. They are prohibited from engaging in unlawful behavior. This includes invading privacy, impersonating law enforcement officers, or using deceptive tactics to break the law.

If you’re considering enlisting the help of a private investigator, please don’t hesitate to contact our trusted private investigation firm. At Advanced Investigations, we are prepared to help you get the answers you deserve.

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