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What Can I Do if I Think Someone is Spying On Me?

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We’ve all had a feeling, at one point or another, that someone is watching us. This is an uneasy feeling, but in most cases, it quickly subsides, and in reality, there was nothing to worry about in the first place. That being said, there are times when we actually are being spied on, even in the comfort of our own homes. This is a horrifying notion, as it means, often, that it is someone we trust, at least to some degree, who is doing the spying. That said, if you have reason to believe that you’re being spied on, you should strongly consider speaking with Advanced Investigations to learn more about our debugging services for homes in Connecticut and how we can help you get the peace of mind you deserve. Here are some of the questions you may have:

How do I know if someone is spying on my home?

Few things or more frightening than getting the notion that someone is actually spying on you when you’re supposed to be in your safe space–your home. Unfortunately, people will often discount this feeling as simply being paranoid and will brush it under the rug, when, in reality, they are actually being spied on. Fortunately, there are certain things you can keep an eye on to determine whether someone is truly spying on your home. They are as follows:

  • Look to see if any furniture or possessions have been moved around or misplaced.
  • Pay attention to what people say they know about you. If you never told anyone anything and they seem to know it anyway, you may be spied on.
  • Pay attention to who drives past your house. If the same unrecognized car parks in front of your house for certain periods of time, you may be spied on.
  • Use your ears–take note of whether you hear any strange beeps, clicks, or static sounds.
  • If your home was recently burglarized but nothing was taken, you may be spied on.
  • Take note of the positioning of any ceiling fans, alarm systems, or smoke detectors. If they’re shifted or positioned abnormally, they may be bugged.

These are just some of the tell-tale signs that a person may be bugged and their security compromised.

How can I protect myself from being bugged?

If you suspect you’re being spied on under any circumstances, the time to act is now. You can do a bit of checking on your own, but even if you discover anything, you need to expect that it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Advanced Investigations can conduct a full-scale search of your home to determine whether you’re being spied on and put an end to it. We have access to cutting-edge technology that can help us debug your home and get you the peace of mind you need.

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