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What are the Latest Loss Prevention Tools for Connecticut Businesses?

loss prevention tools connecticut

For many business owners, it may be all but inconceivable that trusted employees, with whom they spend as much time as some family members, could be stealing from, or otherwise defrauding their companies. Sadly, that is a painful truth many discover only after it is too late. More than making you question and second-guess your own judgment, these actions could damage your business’ standing and cost you your livelihood. Whether you want to take preemptive measures or wish to discover how the loss was achieved, please read on, then contact a team skilled in loss prevention services for businesses in Connecticut for more information on the latest loss prevention tools available to businesses in the Nutmeg State.

What new loss prevention tools are available to Connecticut businesses?

As outlined in our last blog, our private investigators are certified Cellebrite UFED operators. This digital tool allows the operator to extract and analyze data – such as text messages, call logs, web history, emails and more – from mobile devices, SIM Cards, SD cards, GPS devices and other electronic devices. While it is one of the most advanced new tools, it is not the only one. You should reach out to our team of skilled Connecticut corporate private investigators to learn more about our full range of options and technologies.

Some of our most successful, not to mention easy-to-implement, tools are as follows:

  • GPS trackers: If you suspect company drivers of wasting resources by taking distracting phone calls, making mistakes while driving, not using a closer driver or being less than truthful about their activities, you can install the latest in GPS trackers. By revealing exact mileage and hours on the road, you can take steps to minimize loss.
  • Camera surveillance: If you suspect theft, vandalism, lack of punctuality or diminished productivity, you can install the most unobtrusive cameras on the market or have our team use them during covert surveillance operations. Because they won’t be able to detect them, untrustworthy employees will be more likely to visibly engage in wrongdoing. Our team may also utilize undercover employees or secret shoppers equipped with such devices.
  • CCTV alarm systems: Acting as a deterrent, alert system and detector of criminal activity, the most recent CCTV alarm systems can help you distinguish threats from benign activities, reducing the expense of undue measures.
  • Background checks: Even those who lead simple, uncluttered lives will leave crucial information about themselves across a wide array of databases and networks. That said, new avenues for uncovering this important data are opening up regularly. A skilled corporate private investigator will have the knowledge and technology to sift the assorted sources of information and help you learn what you need to know.

The loss prevention field is constantly growing and evolving, so it is no wonder that those not immersed in it might not be apprised of the latest developments. Please give us a call, so we can determine what will work best for you and implement it immediately.

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