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What are domestic investigation services used for?

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Unfortunately, behind closed doors, domestic issues may cause individuals to question their marriages. When this is the case, families may turn to lawyers for assistance in resolving their domestic matters. When individuals have lingering questions over the issues they face in their marriages, domestic investigation services can help them find the answers they seek. If you are struggling with domestic problems, it is in your best interest to contact Advanced Investigations to learn how our Connecticut Domestic Investigations for Lawyers can help you today.

What are some common reasons people use domestic investigation services?  

One of the most common reasons for employing domestic private investigators is to investigate infidelity. When people suspect their partner of cheating, they may not know who to turn to or how to confirm their suspicions. If you notice your partner being secretive, lying frequently, going out often, or staying at work late, it may be a sign that they are having an affair. In such cases, it is imperative to take the necessary steps to uncover the truth, as cheating partners will do everything they can to avoid being caught or owning up to their actions.

If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, seeking help from our private investigators is critical. Cheaters can meet their lovers at various locations such as work, business trips, events, hotels, stores, or even your children’s schools. Such affairs can go on for weeks, months, or even years without detection. However, our private investigators can help you find the answers you have been looking for by conducting undercover operations and surveilling your spouse’s whereabouts. This will help determine whether they are being unfaithful. If it is discovered that your spouse has been unfaithful, lawyers can work in conjunction with private investigators to collect evidence of their partner’s adultery to use in court if they decide they want to dissolve their marriage.

Can they be used for custody matters?

Furthermore, divorce and custody battles can be devastating and overwhelming for families as much is at stake. As such, ensuring that your spouse is not hiding anything that could impact your divorce proceedings or custody battle is critical. A private investigator will objectively seek the truth by using surveillance. They are focused on collecting evidence, such as recovering criminal records, viewing social media accounts, locating people, and conducting background checks. This information can help prove whether either party is being neglectful, abusing the child, or living a lifestyle that is not deemed for their children. Ultimately, it can help safeguard the child by ensuring the court does not award custody to an unfit parent as they prioritize the child’s best interests.

If you’re a lawyer and your client requires aid with their domestic concerns, reach out to Advances Investigations today. We can assist you in obtaining crucial information that can assist you in resolving their problems. Our team is prepared to help you and your clients get your desired answers.



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