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Should I hire a private investigator to determine if my spouse is cheating?


If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, hiring a private investigator to gather evidence to confirm or disprove your suspicions is advisable. While you may be tempted to investigate the circumstances on your own, it’s better to leave the situation in the hands of a professional. This is because professionals will not allow emotions to cloud their judgment. If you snoop around on your own when your emotions are running high could lead to regrettable actions. Therefore, it is best to hire a private investigator to determine whether your spouse is guilty of infidelity. To discuss your situation, contact Advanced Investigations today to learn about our Connecticut Infidelity Surveillance Services for Families, which can help you determine whether your spouse is cheating on you. 

How can a private investigator help determine if my spouse is cheating?

One of the primary reasons it is beneficial to hire a private investigator to help confirm your suspicions is that they can provide irrefutable evidence of their infidelity. This way, when they are confronted and try to deny the claims, you have proof that confirms your partner has been unfaithful. This is especially important if you cite adultery as grounds for a fault-based divorce in Connecticut, as you’ll need to provide the court with evidence of the infidelity. Therefore, as soon as you suspect your spouse is cheating, you should hire a private investigator.

Typically, there are telltale signs that point toward cheating. This includes decreased intimacy, being overly secretive, changes in the work schedule, significant changes in appearance, and suspicious phone habits. While these behaviors may not always indicate cheating, they could signify it. It is critical to note that these signs are not irrefutable proof, meaning they will not hold up in court if you cite adultery as grounds for divorce. Therefore, you must gather hard evidence.

To do so, you should note your spouse’s whereabouts and monitor their spending habits without being too obvious. It is helpful to look at their credit card statements and cell phone records to establish what they’ve been up to. However, you must be sly to ensure they do not know you are on to them. A private investigator will conduct physical surveillance and use hidden cameras, GPS tracking, and internet monitoring to collect hard evidence of your spouse cheating. These tactics can be valuable tools that provide you with proof of your spouse being unfaithful.

If you suspect your spouse is cheating, you understandably feel a whirlwind of emotions. Don’t navigate this difficult time alone. Allow our determined team or private investigators at Advanced Investigations to help you get the answers you seek.

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