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Investigating Jurors Online: How Can Private Investigators Help?


Securing an unbiased jury with no preconceived notions is paramount to guaranteeing an incontrovertible verdict in a court case. Therefore, as an attorney, conducting meticulous jury pool research is crucial to selecting favorable jurors for a case. Many attorneys get overwhelmed by their heavy workload and building a solid case for their client before trial. This often leaves them with little to no time to conduct the thorough research required to ensure no biases exist in potential jurors. The foundation of our legal system rests upon each person having the right to a fair trial. Hand-selecting unbiased jurors is vital to safeguard clients’ constitutional rights. Fortunately, attorneys can enlist the help of experienced private investigators for jury consulting. They will do all the heavy work required to ensure you feel confident in the jurors selected for your case. Please continue reading to learn the importance of jury selection research and how our Jury Consulting Services for Lawyers in Connecticut can benefit you today. 

How Can Private Investigators Help Attorneys Find Potential Biases in Jurors?

Private investigators are essential in any legal strategy as they utilize various resources to help conduct jury research. Private investigators can draw a comprehensive profile of each potential juror, asses any biases that may exist, and ultimately uncover undisclosed information that may impact the outcome of the case or the ability of the juror to make an impartial conclusion.

In today’s digital age, there is an abundance of information readily available at the click of a button. Therefore, private investigators can search online databases and public records for helpful information about potential jurors. Many people across the U.S. use social media platforms to share information and stay connected with others. Social media platforms can be powerful tools to determine whether a juror has biases during pre-screening. This can provide valuable insights into their political leanings, religious affiliations, and other public statements that could provide evidence that they provided the court with misleading information.

Can They Conduct Jury Pool Research During the Trial?

Once jury selection has been completed, the trial will commence. Most people wrongly assume that this is where the help of a private investigator ends. However, ongoing jury pool research throughout the trial is vital. Research performed throughout the trial can uncover new information that could affect the case’s outcome. Private investigators can continue to analyze jurors’ social media activity to detect whether any alarming statements or actions have been made. If they find any evidence of biases, they can relay it to the attorney, who can then request the juror to be removed from the case to protect their client from receiving an unfair trial.

If you’re an attorney who needs help with jury pool research, please don’t hesitate to contact Advanced Investigations. Our private investigators are prepared to help ensure your client receives a fair trial with an unbiased jury.

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