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How do I find a missing person?

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Missing person cases are a common occurrence, with thousands reported each year. Historically, the police only get involved if a person has been missing for a certain amount of time, and they may not be able to help if they have been missing for an extended period. While the police do their best to locate missing individuals, these cases are often complex and may require the assistance of a private investigator. Please continue reading to learn how our Connecticut Missing Persons Investigations for Families can help you find your loved one. 

How does a private investigator trace a missing person?

As you can imagine, missing person cases can be challenging for police and private investigators to solve, as some individuals may disappear on purpose or be taken against their will. In either case, enlisting the help of a private investigator will maximize your chances of finding your loved one, as they have specialized expertise and access to various resources that can speed up the investigative procedures. Law enforcement officers are frequently overwhelmed with numerous ongoing cases. As such, despite their best efforts, they may not provide their full undivided attention to the case. If your loved one has gone missing, it’s essential to let the police know right away. Though they may not be able to locate the missing person right away, they can still perform various helpful actions, such as alerting the public of the missing person, obtaining search warrants, and more. Ultimately, informing the police will benefit you and your loved ones.

Therefore, you should consider hiring a private investigator who will use various techniques to trace missing persons. Below are some of the most commonly employed methods that private investigators use to help find missing persons:

  • Search public records. Private investigators are trained professionals with access to court documents and other sources of information through numerous databases. They can also conduct accurate background checks to give them insight into the missing person.
  • Conduct background checks. Background checks can lead a private investigator to people who may have seen or been with the missing person to figure out their last whereabouts before their disappearance. They can even reveal past events or behaviors that could aid investigators in locating missing persons.
  • Search social media accounts. In today’s society, everything is online. This works to private investigators’ advantage when a person goes missing, as they can take a deep dive into social media platforms to gain valuable information about an individual. Private investigators can use social media to contact likely sources and potential suspects for questioning.
  • Surveillance. Private investigators can run surveillance to find answers to urgent questions. This measure can help lead to the next clue to finding a missing person. Monitoring potential suspects and specific locations can often provide valuable leads for tracing an individual.

As you can see, there are numerous methods private investigators use to trace a missing person. If your loved one has gone missing, don’t hesitate to contact our highly trained and skilled private investigators from Advanced Investigations, who can help you find the answers you need.


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