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How can a private investigator help detect workers’ compensation fraud?

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As a business owner, you typically don’t have to worry about your employees filing fraudulent workers’ compensation claims. They have legitimate reasoning to claim these benefits, as they were injured on the job. However, in some instances, an employee may file a false claim or exaggerate their injuries to obtain monetary compensation to which they are not entitled. If worker’s compensation fraud goes undetected, it can negatively affect your business. As a business owner, you should consider hiring seasoned Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Claim Investigators who can help determine whether your employee’s workers’ compensation claims are valid. 

What is workers’ compensation fraud?

When an individual gets injured on the job, they can file a workers’ compensation claim. Worker’s compensation is insurance that provides cash benefits for workers injured or who become ill due to their occupation. Unfortunately, more often than not, employees lie about their injuries to unlawfully obtain these benefits. Workers’ compensation fraud occurs when an employee intentionally misrepresents an injury to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Sadly, many fraudulent worker’s compensation claims go undetected as it is easy for employees to claim their injuries occurred at work when that isn’t true. Employees may even exaggerate the severity of their injuries to gain additional cash benefits for their “damages.” Employees may commit workers’ compensation fraud for several reasons. As a business owner, taking precautionary steps to minimize fraud risks is critical.

How can a private investigator minimize the risks of fraud?

A business owner must conduct a thorough screening process before hiring employees. This can help determine whether employees have attributes that make them more likely to commit workers’ compensation fraud. You can also benefit from increasing your security and monitoring systems. Unfortunately, managers cannot supervise their employees 24/7 as they have other responsibilities. Therefore, installing security cameras can ensure that any potential workplace accidents are caught on camera, which can verify an employee’s workers’ compensation claim. These measures can help protect your business from the impact of fraudulent worker’s compensation claims.

When an employee commits this crime, it significantly impacts a business as it will increase premiums. When this occurs, other workers are adversely affected as they have to make up for the work that the “injured” employee would otherwise perform. Instead of bonuses or raises, the “injured” employees’ co-workers will lose out on these benefits to compensate for increased premiums. On top of this, consumers may also be inadvertently affected as they face delays and additional expenses, which could cause significant business losses.

To protect your business from the impact of fraudulent workers’ compensation claims, contact Advanced Investigations today. Our team is prepared to help you minimize the threat of worker’s compensation fraud.

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