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Can a Private Investigator Help with a Cold Case?

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Police officers do their best with what they have, but in most cases, they don’t have sufficient time or the necessary resources to complete a thorough investigation. As such, some cases may go cold. Please continue reading to learn how our Connecticut Missing Persons Investigations for Families can help with your cold case. 

What is a Cold Case?

Police officers do their best with the resources available. However, they often juggle multiple cases at once. This makes it difficult for them to focus all their energy and time on a single case. Police offices are often stretched too thin. When investigating a case with little to no evidence, they may be forced to shift their focus to other cases, limiting the resources they can devote to the initial case. As time elapses, the likelihood of successfully solving a case dwindles, particularly in cases involving missing individuals. If too much time passes, the case can become cold, and the investigation will turn into dusty boxes on a shelf. Essentially, a case becomes “cold” when all probative investigative leads are exhausted, and the case remains open and unsolved after a period of three years.

How Can a Private Investigator Help?

At Advanced Investigations, we understand that behind every unsolved missing person or unsolved criminal case is a family who continues to look for answers to get justice. As the months and years pass by, many families continue to mourn and hope that law enforcement agents will provide them with the answers they need, but often, they never come. However, private investigators can reopen cold cases using new, reliable, and effective methods to investigate what happened.

In today’s digital age, private investigators will utilize advanced technology to review and examine all relevant factors, including old evidence, case files, and reports on the case. They will even go as far as to interview all the witnesses and search for new witnesses who may provide them with new information. A private investigator will revisit and examine the crime scene and re-examine all photographs of the case with a fresh perspective. In addition, they will utilize new logical analysis to build new leads and use new evaluation tools for re-profiling.

Furthermore, when conducting interviews, they will use their skill set to ask probing questions that point them in new directions. In some cases, a piece of information a witness thought was unimportant is brought into the light by private investigators. Sometimes, witnesses are more timid with law enforcement, divulging less information than they have. Most people feel they can speak more freely when interacting with private investigators. When they’re re-examining photographs or evidence, it may reveal something the police may have missed. Ultiamtely, having a fresh set of eyes on the case can offer a new perspective that can help get you the answers you need.

If you have a cold case that you need help solving, please don’t hesitate to contact Advanced Investigations. Our highly trained private investigators team will work tirelessly to help you uncover new leads, gather new evidence, and attain the closure you need.

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