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What should I do if I suspect my spouse is cheating?

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When telltale signs point toward infidelity, keeping a level head can be difficult as emotions are running high. When this is the case, there are many advantages to hiring someone who has no emotional ties to investigate your suspicions. In most cases, when you confront your spouse with accusations of cheating, they will become extremely defensive and deny they have been unfaithful. Typically, spouses that have cheated on their partner will not come clean until there is irrefutable proof. However, even then, some spouses still won’t admit to it. If you suspect your partner is cheating, hire our Connecticut Infidelity Surveillance Services for Families, who can obtain hard proof of your spouse’s infidelity. 

What are telltale signs that my spouse is cheating?

There are several reasons to hire an infidelity investigator. The primary reason is that you can obtain hard evidence of the suspected infidelity, as cheating spouses are often extremely discrete and know how to cover their tracks. It is essential to know some of the common warning signs that your spouse may be cheating. The following include but are not limited to some telltale signs your husband or wife may be cheating:

  • Improved appearance. If your partner has recently become more self-conscious about their appearance, it could be the first sign they are being unfaithful. Your significant other may start exercising more and eating healthier. They may dress in nicer clothes and style their hair differently. It is common for cheating spouses to start caring about how they look physically while trying to impress someone else.
  • Secretive. If your significant other is being uncharacteristically secretive with their cell phone or computer, likely, they do not want you to see they’ve been talking to someone they shouldn’t be. Additionally, if they use their electronic devices more often out of the blue, this could be a warning sign. If they change their passwords or refuse to give you them, this is not a good sign, as they do not want you to see what they have on their phone or computer.
  • Altered schedules. If your significant other has never really had to work late and suddenly claims they have a huge workload that requires them to work late, it can be a sign of infidelity. If anything in their regular schedule has suddenly changed, such as spending more time at the gym, it may mean they are seeing someone else. The same applies to any unexplained expenses. If you notice a change in how much money your significant spends, this could also point to infidelity.

Ultimately, several warning signs may signal infidelity. When you suspect your significant other is cheating, it can be overwhelming. Don’t navigate this difficult time alone. Unfortunately, more often than not, spouses will still lie and deny cheating accusations when confronted. Allow our skilled team to investigate your suspicions and recover irrefutable evidence that can hold up in court if needed.

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