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Asset Searches in Connecticut: What You Need to Know?

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Like many, you may not realize that private investigators are indispensable allies for lawyers. With their unique skills and investigative expertise, they can provide crucial evidence in legal cases. Private investigators can help legal professionals do their due diligence for clients using background checks, surveillance, computer forensics, and other financial investigations to unravel hidden assets and bank accounts. Today, bank accounts play a pivotal role in settling civil cases, collecting debts, and assisting in financial clarity for those going through divorces or child custody and support cases. Ultimately, uncovering hidden assets can be crucial to ensuring fairness and justice for clients. Therefore, if you need help conducting an asset search, please don’t hesitate to enlist the help of Advanced Investigation Connecticut Asset Searches for Lawyers, which can reveal the valuable information your client needs.

When Are Asset Searches Conducted?

Asset searches are often conducted as a pre-trial measure to give clients more leverage when negotiating settlements. However, one of the most common reasons they are performed is the resolution of divorce settlements. Divorce settlements are often complex, especially when one spouse attempts to hide assets from the other. However, uncovering hidden assets is crucial for a fair distribution of marital assets, ensuring both parties get their rightful share. If you are a lawyer dealing with divorce, child support, and custody cases, a private investigator can help use their resources to identify hidden bank accounts and assets to ensure a just settlement.

In addition to divorce settlements, probate lawyers may require private investigator services when working with estate administrations to uncover unknown bank accounts or assets such as bank statements, stocks and bonds, insurance policies, property titles, deeds, bills, debts, credit cards, personal loans, medical bills, mortgages, and more. Hiring a private investigator is vital for inheritance claims to ensure rightful heirs receive their share of a decedent’s assets. Ultimately, various entities can use asset searches to uncover valuable information and potential issues related to properties.

Will the Court Honor Evidence Gathered by a Private Investigator?

When legal professionals or other entities seek the assistance of private investigators, they often question whether the evidence obtained through these investigations is admissible in court. Our private investigators are trained to locate assets. This training includes being compliant with the Privacy Act and the GLB Act. Therefore, when they gather financial information on people involved in disputes, the evidence can be presented as long as it is obtained ethically.

Conducting asset searches can be highly beneficial. Our team of highly-trained private investigators will use advanced databases, public records, and other resources to locate hidden assets and bank accounts nationwide. To discuss your situation with a team of investigators you can trust, please don’t hesitate to contact Advanced Investigations today.

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