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When Do I Need a Private Investigator in Connecticut?

when connecticut private investigator

No person ever likes to admit that they need help resolving a legal, business or family matter, but sometimes it proves necessary, especially when matters are of an exceedingly complex and sensitive nature, the type of thing that requires the skills of a Connecticut private investigator. If you find yourself in this situation, please continue reading, then strongly consider retaining the services of an experienced Connecticut private investigation team. The following are some instances when a Connecticut private investigator may be helpful:

Locating someone

You may need to locate a spouse in order to serve them with divorce papers or locate a defendant or a witness in a legal proceeding. In some cases, people do not want to become involved and will actively avoid detection. In order to locate a missing individual, a private investigator may help identify a current address and conduct a background check to find old addresses, phone numbers that can lead to addresses and property filings.

Locating property

In divorce cases and in proceedings to help enforce a judgment, you may need to learn more about the property that another person owns and may be hiding. Private investigators can:

  • Research property records
  • Analyze mortgage information pertaining to property holdings and corporate records
  • Identify a party’s property transactions
  • Determine the current fair market value of different types of property
  • Retrieve and analyze property related to a bankruptcy

Collecting evidence

In many civil cases, you may need to know more about the other party. In divorce cases, you may want to investigate the faithfulness or lack thereof of your spouse. Private investigators can conduct surveillance or review certain other information to help uncover an improper relationship, gather criminal and civil information and document evidence of misconduct.

Checking into someone’s background

Whether on behalf of a civil, criminal defense or family attorney, a private investigator can examine the background of the parties. Specifically, he or she will locate local, state and federal arrest records, civil filings and disciplinary filings against involved parties.

Assisting lawyers

Private investigators can provide a great deal of assistance to civil and criminal defense lawyers as they prepare their cases. For starters, they may conduct an independent investigation of the evidence in order to reach an unbiased conclusion and help lawyers determine how to present this evidence. In particular, private investigators can assist in business cases by posing as a party interested in an illegal or unethical practice, or helping insurance companies determine whether an individual claiming to be disabled is acting in a manner inconsistent with their alleged disability.

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