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What Traits Should You Look for in a Connecticut Private Investigator?

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Thanks to popular culture, you might have your own idea of what makes someone a great private investigator. However, the reality might be considerably different. Private investigators may work in private investigation services, with law enforcement agencies or directly for private clients as self-employed professionals. Likewise, being a private investigator offers individuals a wide range of benefits, including variety in their occupations. Given these benefits, prospective clients might find themselves overwhelmed with the array of choices. Nonetheless, the best private investigators have certain traits and skills. For more information on what traits you should look for in a private investigator, please read on, then contact a member of our Connecticut private investigation team today. Here are some of the best traits you should look for in a Connecticut private investigator:


A good private investigator makes full use of all possible resources to conduct an investigation, uncover facts and solve cases. The best private investigators have some familiarity with the procedure of searching public records. For example, a private investigator may need to conduct research into a company’s financial dealings if they take a case from one. But that is just the beginning. They must document/collect evidence without breaking the law or violating a subject’s rights. That takes experience, which only the best have.


A private investigator’s work can sometimes be solitary, such as when conducting covert surveillance on a subject. Nonetheless, in the course of their duties, private investigators must often interact with a diverse range of people with varied backgrounds. A good private investigator understands how to communicate effectively and courteously with people of different backgrounds, because they may need to interview a witness to a crime, speak with family members of missing persons, collaborate with law enforcement officers or speak to the media about a case.


A significant portion of an average private investigator’s client base consists of those wanting answers to sensitive topics, such as individuals who suspect their partners of infidelity. The best private investigators exhibit tactfulness, compassion and courtesy to each potential client. Private investigators must know how to present the results in a tactful manner if the results of an investigation are not favorable for the client.


Professional investigators should have confidentiality policies. In case a client asks, a private investigator should be able to clearly articulate the terms of that policy and explain the steps that they will take to enforce it. Furthermore, they must never discuss a case or any other sensitive information with non-involved parties.

Technology skills

Modern private investigators must have strong technology skills, including:

  • Navigating digitized databanks
  • Using electronic devices like GPS trackers and video surveillance equipment
  • Ensuring that the evidence they collect will stand up in court, should that prove necessary

This may all seem like a tall order, but the good news is that the Connecticut private detectives from Advanced Investigations possess all these traits and more. No matter what you need investigated, our team will do everything in our power to get you the answers you deserve. Call us today.

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