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What Does Social Media Due Diligence Have to Do with My Business?

social media due diligence

For some time now, social media has been transforming how businesses connect with consumers, clients, customers, colleagues and competitors. Your business’s social media accounts can automatically repel potential customers if they are dotted with negativity, offensive content or even just lack engaging content. In fact, even your employees’ personal social media accounts may affect your business, which is why you should exercise due diligence. For more information on how to maintain a positive online presence, contact Advanced Investigations for our stellar Connecticut social media due diligence services today.

What constitutes social media due diligence?

Without even realizing it, your business and employees’ online presence could be costing you all money. When engaging in social media due diligence, you dive into your business’s social media presence as well as your employees’ content and shared posts. The intent is to ensure that this content reflects the business in a positive light. To that end, you must look out for and eliminate the following red flags:

  • Distasteful content, posts, photos, videos and links
  • Posts that harm others’ reputation
  • Content that highlights a lack of good judgment or professionalism
  • Sloppy content
  • Grammatically incorrect content
  • Lack of follower engagement, feedback and reviews
  • Poor engagement with target audiences
  • Lack of content geared toward target audiences
  • Irrelevant content
  • Low numbers of followers
  • Content that undermines the brand’s credibility

What happens if you do not observe social media due diligence?

Due diligence concerns more than driving customers into your business. Failure to exercise due diligence may place you, your employees and your business in serious legal jeopardy, especially if you are engaged in litigation. Opposing counsel and competitors will do everything in their power to undermine any potential defense you may raise. As such, it should be no surprise that, according to estimates, almost a quarter of all lawyers, both civil and criminal, make use of social media accounts while researching their cases. What may seem innocuous and jocular to you or your employees may seem incriminating or evidence of bad character in the eyes of others.

To protect yourself and your business, you should strongly consider retaining the services of one of our skilled Connecticut corporate private investigators today.

How can a Connecticut corporate private investigator help you?

A seasoned Connecticut corporate private investigator will help look over your company’s corporate web presence, those handing and managing your social media accounts, check credentials, run security, develop powerful content and track engagement with viewers and followers and how they relate to acquisition. Based on what we uncover, we will develop a specific, tailored strategy to help counteract negative impressions of your business and its reputation. This might be a delicate matter, so please do not hesitate to reach out to our team today.

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