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My Client’s Ex Abducted Their Child. Can a Connecticut Private Investigator Help?

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Whatever the average person may think about the matter, a parent abducting their own children is not a minor domestic squabble. In fact, it is not only a serious violation of a custody arrangement but a criminal offense. Neither parent may make unilateral decisions regarding the child. Unfortunately, you and your client suspect that your client’s ex has abducted their child. Once you and your client have informed the proper authorities, you should retain the services of one of our experienced Connecticut missing persons investigators for lawyers for assistance in locating your client’s ex and their child.

How likely is it that your client’s ex abducted their child in Connecticut?

Despite the popular narrative and admonitions about “stranger danger,” parents are the perpetrators in more than ninety percent of kidnappings and abductions. Statistics indicate that mothers are just as likely as fathers to abduct their own children. About four percent of all minor children undergo parental kidnapping or family abduction. Annually, three out of every one thousand minors are victimized by parental abductions or kidnappings by other family members. This is all to say that the likelihood that your client’s ex has abducted their child is quite high.

Could the child be in danger from your client’s ex?

That would depend on the circumstances in your client’s case. However, parental abduction is often part of a larger dynamic of domestic violence. Most left-behind parents report that the abductor physically abused them, threatened their lives and threatened to kidnap the child before doing so. Abusive partners commit abduction as a way to exert control, fulfill a desire for revenge or to hurt victimized parents when the latter seek to end the relationship. To abusive abductors, the child is a pawn. So, yes, the child could very well be in danger.

Even in our day and age, many police departments fail to recognize the severity of a parental abduction case. Many police write such incidents off as “messy family squabbles” or “exaggerations.” And so, many left-behind parents achieve better outcomes by having a compassionate, hard-charging Connecticut private investigator for lawyers on their side.

How can a Connecticut private investigator help locate your client’s ex and their child?

In these sorts of cases, time is of the essence. It is absolutely vital that you commence the search for your client’s child as soon as possible. Advanced Investigations has decades of experience with locating missing persons. To locate your client’s child, our private investigators will:

  • Delve into the background of your client’s ex, developing a better understanding of their character and where they might go
  • Question witnesses, including family members, friends and acquaintances
  • Conduct surveillance of sites of interest to the case, and
  • Physically search locations where your client’s ex has allegedly been

While no ethical private investigator will ever guarantee a favorable outcome, our team will do everything in our power to bring about the safe return of your client’s child.

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