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My Client’s Being Falsely Accused. Can a Connecticut (CT) Private Investigator Help?

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It may be unfathomable that your client faces accusations of committing a crime they did not commit nor had anything to do with. Unfortunately, police, prosecutors, judges and jurors may see things differently. In an effort to spare your client long periods behind bars, substantial fines and a permanent criminal record, you have considered hiring a private investigator. A Connecticut (CT) private investigator has a lot of options when it comes to how they use their skills in benefits of your falsely accused client. They have the knowledge and tools at their disposal to help those who face charges for crimes they did not commit. For more information on how a CT private investigator can aid those falsely accused of a crime, please read on, then contact one of our experienced Connecticut criminal investigators today.

How can a private investigator help the falsely accused?

Private investigators have the potential to be sources of hope for those bearing the weight of injustice. Investigators have already proven themselves to be vital to the exoneration process. They might assist your client by locating and interviewing new witnesses, which are often the strongest evidence an investigation team can uncover. However, much of their work consists of poring over case files, police reports, transcripts and other documents in search of potentially exculpatory evidence you, your client or law enforcement overlooked.

Can a private investigator make a difference for the falsely accused?

Better representation, good investigators and quality front-end work will make the most difference in exonerating the falsely accused and preventing wrongful convictions. More expert input about the unreliability of certain types of evidence, such as eyewitness testimony, will also help your client navigate the criminal legal system. While the prosecutors will have unlimited funds to pull from, the defense team does not share those resources, creating a clear disadvantage. Nonetheless, a good investigator can even the odds.

What skills does a private investigator have to offer to the falsely accused?

Private investigators will utilize their in-depth research skills, observant eye and ability to glean information from witnesses to benefit your client. They can aid in restoring justice in the following ways:

  • Knowledge of the law: A successful private investigator must have a firm knowledge of the law to look for flaws in a criminal case and recognize misconduct.
  • Constant communication: Having a solid working relationship with the defense can prove crucial in obtaining valuable information and the ability to use it in court.
  • Handling evidence: Investigators can uncover potential new evidence by going to the crime scene, fact-checking and locating witnesses in the manner prescribed by state and federal law.
  • Determination: Exonerations can take months or even years of intense research and careful navigation through the legal system to restore justice to a client.

Reach out to our skilled Connecticut private investigator for lawyers to discuss the particulars of your client’s case and get the ball rolling.

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