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I Suspect My Spouse is Being Unfaithful. How Can a PI Help?

Have you ever gotten the impression that your spouse is being less than forthcoming? Have you caught them in lies or engaging in secretive behavior? Are they frequently going out at night or staying at work late? While you should not jump to conclusions, it is possible that your spouse has begun an extramarital affair. If you would like to know for certain whether or not your spouse has been unfaithful, please continue reading, then retain our Connecticut infidelity surveillance services for families today.

What is the likelihood that your spouse is being unfaithful?

That will ultimately depend on the factors in your case. However, infidelity has been on the rise in the past few decades. An extramarital affair can go on for weeks, months or even years before the other partner becomes aware of it. Though men tend to stray with greater frequency, about 16.5 percent of marriages will, knowingly or unknowingly, experience one or more acts of infidelity. A person’s willingness to cheat has nothing to do with how happy they are in their marriage, meaning not all acts of infidelity are the product of unhappy marriages.

How do you know your spouse is being unfaithful?

Unfaithful spouses will try to be discrete and hide their infidelity from their partner. These actions make it more difficult to recognize cheating. Suspicious spouses should keep an eye out for subtle changes in behavior, such as:

  • Being more self-conscious about appearance: A cheating spouse may start dressing up, fixing their hair and working out in an effort to make themselves more appealing to a new partner.
  • Being more private: An unfaithful spouse may start changing passwords on accounts, going behind closed doors more often, taking phone calls in private places and start doing their own laundry, among other uncharacteristic behaviors.
  • A sudden increase in workload: Work is an easy excuse for someone to use, especially for someone whose spouse does not know much about their partner’s typical workday, to begin with.
  • Increased arguing or decreased emotional connection: A cheating spouse may be more on edge and more prone to criticism. He or she may also seem closed off and unwilling to talk about their feelings, indicating their emotional needs are being met elsewhere.
  • Greater propensity for lying: You know your spouse better than anyone, so you should notice if they say they are going to one location but drive off in another direction.

You should retain our Connecticut private investigator services for families, so we can obtain answers, and hard evidence, through GPS tracking, surveillance and following. Do not live in uncertainty. Please give our skilled team a call today.

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