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Do I Need Opposition Research Services from a Connecticut Private Investigator?

opposition research connecticut

Business, like politics, is a competition between the various players vying to establish the dominant market position through superior information, strategy, communications and execution. Campaign-style intelligence and opposition research is necessary to arm boardrooms with the information companies need to formulate an informed strategy, articulate effective communications and ultimately execute a well-conceived plan to win in the marketplace. For more information on this subject, please read on, then contact an investigative team experienced in providing Connecticut opposition research services today.

What is opposition research in Connecticut?

If you are not familiar with the term “opposition research,” or “oppo” for short, that is the name for the formal practice of gathering information about what your competitor is currently doing and planning and using it against them. By gaining insight into the competition, a business can discover a rival’s strengths and weaknesses, such as the following:

  • Strategies
  • Target audience
  • Content
  • Keywords
  • Outlets used to market
  • Job descriptions
  • Forums
  • Articles
  • Social media accounts

How does a private investigator conduct opposition research?

By monitoring all these and other avenues of information, a Connecticut private investigator will learn the following:

  • What the rival business is promoting
  • How the rival business operates
  • What the rival business’s next move will be
  • The following and/or popularity of the rival business

What do you do with the information gathered through corporate opposition research?

With the information in hand, a Connecticut private investigator will assist a struggling client with developing some strategies to keep up with competitors. Such strategies include:

  • Learning your brand and developing it to the fullest by:
    • Generating creative content
    • Staying with the trends
    • Developing themes
    • Implementing new ways to market the brand
  • Thinking of employees as brand ambassadors who will promote the business
  • Finding a niche in the community where your business can market by getting involved and helping people
  • Celebrating your clients and customers by:
    • Offering deals
    • Using social media to interact with them
    • Hosting local social events
  • Studying your competitors and knowing to outsmart them

Is a private investigator limited to corporate opposition research?

By no means is opposition research only beneficial for businesses. Indeed, oppo research is most famously used by political people and organizations. Investigating opponents is integral to developing educated and targeted political strategies. This form of opposition research involves looking into opponents’ financials, addresses, employment and educational history, voting records, statements to the press and any real or potential scandals. Through this process, you might uncover discrepancies and your opponents’ true political motivations.

If you have any further questions about oppo research or any other services for businesses, please reach out to one of our skilled Connecticut corporate private investigators as soon as possible.

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