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Can a Connecticut Private Investigator Help with Jury Consulting?

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As you and your client stare down an impending trial, you might be plagued by feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. Trials are complicated and unpredictable. No elements are less predictable than the members of the jury. However much the court may impress the rules and expectations upon them, jurors are still human beings and, thus, prone to human error. You and your client put a great deal of effort into preparing your case, but all it takes is one juror to foul it all up. But is there any way to safeguard against unfavorable verdicts? While no means is perfect, jury consulting services for lawyers in Connecticut offer you and your clients a better understanding of to whom you are presenting your case. For more information, please read on, then contact a skilled Connecticut private investigator for lawyers today.

What is jury consulting in Connecticut?

Jury consulting is the use of social scientists, particularly psychologists and communication experts, and economists to aid lawyers in the presentation of a criminal trial or civil lawsuit. Jury consultants help prepare witnesses, improve arguments and rhetoric and, in some cases, select juries.

How does jury consulting work in Connecticut?

Jury consultants undertake jury research. During pretrial, jury consultants will run research exercises to assist with case assessment and trial strategy, conducting everything from full-scale trial simulations to scaled-down mock trials, focus groups, community attitude surveys and change of venue surveys. At the end of a research project, jury consultants will summarize the results, define problem areas, identify persuasive evidence and themes and develop an ideal/non-ideal juror profile. A jury consultant will help you in the following areas:

  • Liability and damages: Is your case strong enough for trial, or should you settle?
  • Develop case themes: What themes, language, imagery, et cetera should you use when presenting your case to the jury?
  • Evaluate and prepare witnesses: What communication techniques should my witnesses employ in regard to specific case-related information? What should their demeanor be when delivering their testimony? How should they dress?
  • Demonstrative aids: How do you present the evidence in the most compelling and professional manner to a jury?
  • VoirDire Strategy: What do you say or do to elicit vital information from prospective jurors during the jury selection process?

Why should you choose Advanced Investigations?

Advanced Investigations is proud to offer quality jury consultation services. Our skilled team of private investigators recognizes how crucial every step of the pre-trial process is, which is why we will help you start out on the right path. No responsible jury consultant will guarantee a favorable outcome, but our team will work to ensure you have the preparation and information needed to prevail. Give us a call today.

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